Weekly poll: if you could, would you buy a Pixel 5a 5G?

22 August 2021
Availability is limited to the US and Japan, so either Google knows its audience or those are the only markets that might care for a $450 mid-ranger.

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YUKI93, 22 Aug 2021I wouldn't lol at that considering how low the V60 pri... moreIt definitely does not rival the DeX. I know, I have a G8x with Android 11.

  • Anonymous

Nooooo way

  • Anonymous

Go for Samsung instead. Better design. More features. Smoother animations. Longer battery life.

No under display fingerprint scanner

The placement of the fingerprint on the back is a deal breaker despite it's great software

  • Anonymous

150$ Extra is too much

  • Anonymous

::shrugs:: well I can't even if I want to. Google just don't sell Pixels officially in my country Malaysia and NO PIXEL are worth the grey imports' prices.

dbjungle, 22 Aug 2021I would have like to have seen a Snapdragon 778.Would have been nice but probably a lot pricier.

A Pixel 5a with 778G I guess 599eu

  • llucic

Why not ugly?

Fire whole design team and start from zero.

Willywonka, 22 Aug 2021Pixel 5a should have had a minimum upgrade to sd768G as wel... moreI would have like to have seen a Snapdragon 778.

YUKI93, 22 Aug 2021For someone like me who never owns a Pixel phone, that is a... moreI had the Pixel 3a and I have the 4a now and they haven't let me down.

It would be a mistake to think Pixel owners care only about fast updates and that the plain Android experience isn't just as important. There's no weird always on beauty mode or any weird stuff going on. Pixel phones are excellent at what matters most.

Pixel 5a should have had a minimum upgrade to sd768G as well as Pixel 5 should have had a sd855+.

With releases like this, you dont really know what key differences Pixel 4a, Pixel 5 or Pixel 5a have.

  • Marko

If it had a realistic price of 250€ I'd probably buy it...

X41, 22 Aug 2021Lol.....lol.....I wouldn't lol at that considering how low the V60 price is nowadays, even with the bundled DualScreen case. With the V60, you have a real flagship-grade Snapdragon 865 chipset and Samsung DeX-rivalling Screen+ Desktop Mode. It's a complete no brainer for me.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 22 Aug 2021We have a winner. That's precisely what this phone ... more90hz or not... Lot of people aren't interested in Snapdragon 765 while spending 449$ especially when dimensity 1200, Snapdragon 778G, Snapdragon 860, 870 is available at that price. Even Snapdragon 888 is available if you stretch your budget a little.

Granted the processor would be sufficient for most people, but then they might as well buy an equivalent device which is available for 200€

No just get new 4xl 4/64 for 340$

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2021Cam shuts down after 5min of 4K videoThat limitation has already been removed on latest Android

  • Jackie

DMX, 22 Aug 2021They complain so much that the pixels do not reach their co... moreIt's not that easy, the google store requires that your address be in that supported country. I've also read that they sometimes just refund your purchase and don't ship if you use a forwarding service so they definitely don't make it easy.

  • Anonymous

pixels are nice from technology demonstration point of view, and it is great they get good firmware updates, but Google is not really good with hardware and their QA sucks - so phones are really not a great deal.