Are foldable phones better for multimedia? Here is how the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 stack up

06 September 2021
We've done some calculations of how well different content fits on their screens, e.g. a 4:3 photo, a 16:9 video and so on.

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MedoBrundo, 06 Sep 2021Can anybody share experience with Samsung warranty on their... moreHow can it die with a small scratch?

  • AnonD-940827

Not really, because you get the same picture, just with big bezels. But you get a bigger workspace for multitasking apps.

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You also get a pretty great experience with the Fold 3 unfolded in portrait mode and two apps open. 16:9 video up top, Web browser or something at the bottom. You get hardly any black bars that way.

so a folder is good for 3/4 (outdated) and 16/9 format videos pictures, multitasking and web browsing. the video part comes with a caveat: the crease right smack in the middle of the image. if microsoft comes with a decent new camera setup, i rather go for a surface duo. pretty much the same, if not better, price at launching and no flimsy / scratchy / dust and dirt fussy display....

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sohail shafayat, 06 Sep 2021you don't even have a nameNext level roasting 💯

  • Nabil Januar

Messy resolution for Galaxy Z Fold3.

Can anybody share experience with Samsung warranty on their foldables? My is terrible, they refused to fix my S21 Ultra after display died. Reason was minor scratch on the phone casing…
That’s the reason I’m going to avoid their phones in the future, specially foldables.

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"Are folderable phones better for multimedia"?

No. After a few weeks or months of usage.. you will see an ugly crease in the middle of your videos!

"Are foldable phones better for multimedia?"

This is the title of this article and the sole thing you concentrate on, is wide screen films, trying to push as far into anamorphic wide screen, as possible.
Multimedia is interspersed among:
1. Text/Words, meaning content meant to be read.
2. Photos, painting, modern art and other non moving Images.
3. All manner of Audio, without accompanying visuals.
4. Video in all forms and formats including animation.
5. GIFs and similar formats of moving photos.

More importantly, Foldable are meant for Multi-tasking and as productivity devices. If you solely want to watch wide screen TV, get a wide screen TV or Monitor, and watch films. But, if you want a mini computer On the Go, for posting content online, editing photos and videos, making a zoom or other format video conference call (especially without a stand), then a foldable would be perfect for the job. Also, being pocketable, meaning where a tablet or laptop may not fit into your pocket, a foldable would be just fine.

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Reporting actual surface area is pointless. Why not take a 55-inch screen and crown it as the winner?! The real picture (haha) would be painted by reporting the % of blacked out areas. You obviously don’t want to go there because it would show how much money people waste on foldable phones.

LoLoL, 06 Sep 2021Even your name is so funny I totally agree. Samsung wenr ... moreyou don't even have a name


i think nokia 8 was the last flagship with 16:9 .

I just want a Huawei Mediapad X, or at least a Xiaomi Mi Max. Nothing fancy, just 7" and 16:10 or at worst 16:9.

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Excellent excellent excellent article ! Thanks GSMA

Reason why I want to get a Fold 3 or Surface Duo is because Redream forces us to play Dreamcast games in landscape. Which is odd because Dreamcast games were mostly 4:3. Flip 3 is great for 8-bit and 16-bit games. Fold 3 is like a DS. Flip 3 is more Game Boy Advance SP.

Only if the aspect ratio is 16:9

sohail shafayat, 06 Sep 2021the graph is funny!!! on average most videos are 16:9, prev... moreEven your name is so funny I totally agree.
Samsung wenr from 16:9 and all followed. They should made at least 2cm wider.

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even if they can make a bendable glass its still the same not good for media player and gaming the aspect ratio is too old

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basically improvement is small yet the size is big as twice, for gaming you also get 4:3 ratio which leave you with narrow angle looking so the huge display is kinda meh is big but not get the job done add with the plastic screen is easier to scratch or broken for gaming that leaves you a multimedia player which kinda meh, twice as big and heavy with only 10% more surface screen area the other thing is the web browsing experience which top notch. In summary :

Video player : meh
web browsing : great
gaming : meh
multi tasking : great

this point to nokia communicator series which only useful to business people in office usage

the graph is funny!!! on average most videos are 16:9, previously the screens were 16:9 also. so if you want to view media larger then you will need a screen that is stretched through diagonally. but nowadays, manufacturers are stretching the screen through only one direction/axis and making it tall-taller-tallest but same narrow at around 68mm. So, doesn't matter how large the screen is, it's the same narrow screen and 16:9 videos look the same size, not any larger. A larger screen should be 75mmX150mm.