Are foldable phones better for multimedia? Here is how the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 stack up

06 September 2021
We've done some calculations of how well different content fits on their screens, e.g. a 4:3 photo, a 16:9 video and so on.

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they're useless if you're watching anything that isn't 4:3 which is basically anything released in the past 15 years (apart from the new justice league).

khellandros66, 06 Sep 2021These weak built foladable phones area fad that needs to en... moreAgree. Having the LG G8x.

nevermind video. phones aren't wide enough for easy two hand keyboard typing, keys are still small for my small fingers despite having the largest phones available. as long a hand can comfortably swipe up or down a display, a phone can be wider and bigger.

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Obviously not. It is like watching video on ipad. Horri... moreAgree. Having the iPad.

  • khellandros66

These weak built foladable phones area fad that needs to end, LG had it right with their dual screen cases. Give me a good 6.25in screen, chin and forehead with good speakers front firing stereo, a large 12mp 1.4um selfie camera with f1.8 aperture, a snap on dual screen with no chin or forehead with Atmos speakers onnthe top and bottom edges.

  • Anonymous

Hopefully, smartphone can ditch the 21:9 aspect ratio and focus on the 19:9, since most of the video contents are made in a ratio that favor the 19.3:9 ratio.

Maybe the display is marginally larger on the folding phone, but then you have 2 new problems. 1, you have to unfold it and 2, the phone is significantly less durable than a normal phone. Personally, I don't mind a smaller phone as I don't really watch a lot of content where a big screen matters when I'm on the go.

  • Anonymous

For nowdays, i think i prefer watch in pillarboxing than letterboxing

  • Anonymous

Obviously not.

It is like watching video on ipad. Horrible experience.
16:9 video leaves about 1/3 of screen black.
21:9 about half screen.

I just want someone (especially Sony, Apple, Asus or Samsung) to also make some dual screen accessories for their flagships just like what LG had done before

16:9 is still king

I wish Xiaomi revived the mi max series AND kEEPS the 16:9

Instead of the bull 🐂 excuse of them already having a large phone line up... 16:9 WOULD differenciate it easily ...

  • Just John

As someone who often need to read a PDF on phone, I really like a wider aspect ratio. Anyone agree with me that modern phone are too tall / long? I hope 16:9 would make a return.

Rollable phones are best. Since they can roll their screen, which means they can change their screen aspect ratio, so when watching movies or content with unusual screen ratio, you can always roll some part of the screen. So there will not be any black bars at all. Unlike Fold 3 which have problems with some movies at 21 : 9 or some phones that cannot display 16 : 9 content correctly. Rollable phones solves this issues

Surface Duo is better for multimedia. But Fold 3 and Flip 3 are great for it as well. I use my Flip 3 for Pluto TV, Spectrum, YouTube, and NES/SNES emulators in Flex mode.