Google parodies Jony Ive in its latest Pixel 5a 5G video

27 August 2021

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JansherKhan25, 06 Sep 2021Exactly bud, I totally agree with you, you just spoke my mi... more"I believe the power should reside with the consumer rather than the manufacturer."

So many don't understand that!
When I say, phones should be like that, and OEMs should do that, people always reply stupid stuff that are literally the excuse those OEMs use to be greedy.
They don't understand that I am not talking about what would make them earn the best profits, but what would be the healthiest thing to do, to both earn profits and respect the customers.

I mean, the smartphone industry is the only one being this way, and this is really because of its customers.
The same people who, just because they switched from wired to wireless, literally, not only support, but actively encourage the removal of the 3.5mm Jack and other features, are the first one to cry when something THEY like is being threatened.

I remember when I got my Acer Liquid Trio, which was the equivalent of a flagship killer, for 200 it had the same features as a 300 phone (plus a triple SIM AND an independent MicroSD card slot), it also had a unique button on the back, which didn't include a fingerprint reader, it was just a button, but it was practical and nice to have!

Demongornot, 29 Aug 2021The 3.5mm Jack doesn't do anything negative to those w... moreExactly bud, I totally agree with you, you just spoke my mind. That's what I usually argue with my friends. They have a very consumeristic mind set and would pay whatever apple asks them to pay. I believe the power should reside with the consumer rather than the manufacturer. We are being led by them and whatever they offer rather than the opposite- like we should be in a demanding position as we are the ones who pay. I would never ditch the 3.5mm jack, if they remove it I will unfortunately be using an adapter for it. Nevertheless I really appreciate google and sony for keeping it alive. And I also agree on the fingerprint part, the rear finger print is very very handy in terms of dropping down the notification bar when in an app, it is handy to use and gives you a very faster user experience.

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kevinmcmurtrie, 02 Sep 2021LG deserves to fail. You can't appreciate how shitty ... moreLg is Pioneer of screen share functionality.Which turns on it's hotspot connect the share device to it's hotspot which enable high quality data transfer without any hiccups unlike google Chromecast function.
It's called Miracast.

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021The sad thing is most people don't care about it, if t... moreLG deserves to fail. You can't appreciate how shitty LG's quality and support is until you've bought a few products. A high-end LG phone can't even screen share to a high-end LG TV. Neither one has reliable WiFi and it relies on a completely nonsense mix of custom software, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, and WiFi-Direct all at once. The TV pops up random modal alerts while watching broadcast TV. It's a wreck.
And there's the whole cars catching fire thing.

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AnonD-1003038, 28 Aug 2021That's funny, doing a parody for a literal copy&pa... more"That's funny, doing a parody for a literal copy&paste product with few minor changes that wasn't particularly exciting or capable even when it was originally released. That sounds more like a self roast that making fun of someone else"
-The same can be said for a number of apple products as well be it the iphone (8-SE2, x,xs,11,12 & now 13-all using the same dinosaur design), ipad, imac (until the refresh), mac mini

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Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021The sad thing is most people don't care about it, if t... moreLG died bcoz of a combination of reasons, not solely the quad-jack & HP jack. And the last I checked, Sony is still alive & kicking even if they are a small blip they are growing slowly

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kevinmcmurtrie, 30 Aug 2021All it needs now is a microSD slot. There's no point ... moreThe sad thing is most people don't care about it, if they did, LG and Sony wouldn't be dead/dying

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Actually this is not a Joke, but this is a big idea of ads, since most comment on gsmarena wishing for jack audio and boring with common specs, this ads helps google a lot to gain from people who wish for jack audio with mid high specs, maybe it is silly, but somehow when read the comment they hate without jack audio and not really care about the specs too much

Also, Jack Audio means you can listen Lossless audio directly since Tidal and Apple music have already support and maybe Spotify joins this year, IF Pixel has DAC that support lossless, but most phone have DAC but NO jack audio means this is useless, wireless headset for high bitrate too expensive, Type C Adapter in market very hard to find that support lossless DAC, unlike lightning jack adapter which support lossless DAC

All it needs now is a microSD slot. There's no point having the perfect clarity of a headphone jack and then streaming low bit-rate music because Google says you need to use "the cloud."

Yes, tell me you can't tell the difference between 256 Kbps MP3/AAC and lossless. Maybe it's true for 90% of tracks, but the other 10% gets butchered with squeals, fuzz-outs, or low-pass.

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it's definately a parody at apple, because for those of you who might not get it... Apple has a tendency to market invention that has long existed as if it is something NEW that just got invented. like water-proofing, it has existed and used for years on competitors, before apple finally implemented it and marketed it as some kind of "whoa" innovation...duh... and lets not forget about the ability to multi-task, something microsoft has long used in their OS, but apple only followed much much later.

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Anonymous, 29 Aug 2021Of all the things that were removed in the last several yea... more3.5 Jack was useful when you are charging your phone while listening via the headphone. Yes, you can use Bluetooth headphone, but if you are on a long trip may be on a bus, you will find Bluetooth headset is not a best solution. Unless, you have more than one headphone with you.

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People should make more fun of the way apple does it'. Advertising.

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Of all the things that were removed in the last several years the jack was the most inconsequential (just equip your headphones w an adapter and it is solved). Contrast it with the death of removable batteries and removable memories. Made phones do an 180. Now they are in need of an upgrade way sooner than in the past. *Now* you own your devices less than ever.

Very sus that all the talk is about the jack (which was never too useful) and not about the other things. Very sus indeed...

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JansherKhan25, 28 Aug 20213.5mm jack and rear fingerprint reader are a must. Those wh... moreI think it's OK for the Pixel 6 to not have a 3.5mm jack because it's priced like a cheap flagship (based on the leaked pricing) so if you can afford it, you can afford a cheap pair of bluetooth ear/headphones. If it was a budget device with no jack, it would be much worse because if you're buying a cheap phone, you're probably trying to save money. A wireless headset will cost you $50 and 50 bucks is quite a bit when you're trying to save money.

With fingerprint sensors I agree with you though. To me, FP sensors are a necessity unless there is iris scanning or 3D face unlock. From best to worst, the placement of FP sensors would be: Side, Under Display (optical), Back, Front, Under display (ultrasound). The only reason ultrasound ones are so far down is because having used three phones with ultrasound FP readers, only one worked properly.

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AnonD-1003038, 28 Aug 2021Remember how Pixel copied the notch? Remember how Pixel cop... moreI know right lol

JansherKhan25, 28 Aug 20213.5mm jack and rear fingerprint reader are a must. Those wh... moreThe 3.5mm Jack doesn't do anything negative to those who don't care about it, but it is a day & night difference for others, as such, for the same reasons that those who don't use Bluetooth don't justify making phones without Bluetooth, it should be mandatory to have the 3.5mm Jack on all smartphones except if there is a legitimate reason (like a really too thin phone, a compatible alternative like magnetic connector, or a portless device for example).

As for the fingerprint scanner, the location is more a matter of preferences, I personally prefer it on the display, some on the side, but one thing is sure, there shouldn't be any one of those which should be forgotten in favor of any other, we should have a fair number of each available in the market.
Another sure thing though, is that we need to get rid of optical FPS and replace them with ultrasonic ones, even rear and side one can be ultrasonic, but while ultrasonic is better than optical and capacitive, the capacitive is already good enough to still be used there until the Ultrasonic one get really much better and allow for a large area on the back to be used as fingerprint reader.

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WeUseHeadphones, 28 Aug 2021This would be funny if all Pixel devices had a headphone ja... moreI think the whole point is that they are mocking the idea that having or not having a headphone jack is innovative in any way. It's a way of promoting options.

OMG. This was hilarious beyond what I assumed. As hilarious as Pixels' quality control though.

Not sure what's the deal with aluminium though, that's how it's pronounced and spelled. But there is US and their asinine mother tongue they call English.

The commercial is really well done! Great job 3d artists! nice line animations! Love it :)

3.5mm jack and rear fingerprint reader are a must. Those who are justifying otherwise are POS and they have more money than brain. Never ask for less features, the companies will profit by creating the problem and then selling you the solution. 3.5mm metal body rear FP all the way