vivo X70 series to arrive on September 9, Pro+ will have a Zeiss T* camera lens

30 August 2021
There are going to be four shooters, one of them with a periscope lens.

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Omfg... please put some bigger battery! At least 5000mAh. Please Vivo! :D

  • Saad

I hope the plus model goes global, not just China and India as was the case with the x60 pro plus.

A simple mirror on the back is a great, elegant and simple solution for allowing selfies being taken (more easily than with free aiming) while getting rid of the front camera.
But sadly it will never be done because there is always one idiot to ruin everything by saying "WhAt AbOuT vIdEo CaLlS?" as if you'd die without doing those, or if the 99.99% of other phones that could allow to do that weren't enough for those who are into it to choose from...

But the phone has curved edge display and no 3.5mm Jack, so even with a potentially great camera setup (no sub 12Mp sensors) it is a lost cause anyway.

  • Wayne Morellini

ProRes has been out for years, why hasn't the Android phone manufacturers put ProRes on any of it's Pro phones? ProRes or ProRes Raw?

There is even a java android compatible codec suite called "Jcodec" with ProRes encoding for years. I'm not fancy on the idea of encoding in Java, but as long as the codec encoding sections are implemented in Arm binary that fits the local package, why not.

This can be the upper quality mode. Non codec hardware resources can be used to parallel accelerate the codec and storage writing performance. Just imagine, like with Apple iPhone 13 ProRes codec is likely to do, you may use the quality noise removal, color and image grading of the best phones with bokeh effect, on a ProRes footage with LUTS 12bit+ 4:2:2 support at 200mb/s. Which will likely increase the quality of personal video at events and weddings.

I've tried the Vivo and Oppo phones. Very nice, sensor wise and image processing,,but needs this extra kick

Somebody could implement Jcodec on midrange phones as available codecs in FreedCam, filmic pro or OpenCamera, to use available hardware resources to implement better video shooting modes. All doable properly, as long as you use other hardware processing resources as well as the hardware encoder. To shoot higher datarate and resolutions, and record through USB to SSD. All possible.

iPhone 13 with ProRes will grow in reputation and Goggle pixel and others shrink in high end video reputation, until they do likewise, maybe with a format like Braw, or similar and superior format implemented with the latest jpeg intra frame higher compression codecs.

abitcuriousabitgeek, 30 Aug 2021Actually OnePlus was first to introduce this design languag... moreWhich OnePlus phone has such a wide camera bump or wide glass around the camera?

Bigmeme, 30 Aug 2021Mi 12 ultra will beat it 🤷It's probably coming next year, so why are you mentioning it?
Who knows maybe the Galaxy S22 Ultra will beat the Mi 12 Ultra...

Fanboy of All brands, 30 Aug 2021X70 series = Poco M3 X Vivo X60 Actually OnePlus was first to introduce this design language. Afterwards, POCO copied the same design for M3.

  • Wayne Morellini

But no ProRes video recording, so???

What are they doing ? X60 didn't even went global and they are bringing X70 its not even 5 months . If not a year at least wait for 6-8 months to launch next series. Is R&D going that fast , i doubt so .

  • EG3Po

If they want the phone to have stability when put on its back, use a horizontal camera island for God's sake. That empty glass is another breaking point, nothing else.
Cameras seem the same ones on X60 Pro+ as well.
This is just an updated X60 Pro+ with better screen, stereo speakers and IP rating.

  • sohail

Greate thinking

captain fokou, 30 Aug 2021That's how an ultra phone should look. Unfortunately I... morehow you applied ultra in smartphone? camera design?

X60 isn't even global yet. what is vivo thinking

  • Anonymous

Kinda look alike ZTE Nubia Z30 Pro. Nice design vivo

Mi 12 ultra will beat it 🤷

X70 series = Poco M3 X Vivo X60

Fanboy of All brands, 30 Aug 2021Interesting. Vivo X60 series already replaced Huawei P50 se... moreKind of. I don't think the x60 seires cameras are as goog as the p50s but I have a good feeling about the x70 seires

Interesting. Vivo X60 series already replaced Huawei P50 series. I wonder if X70 will be as amazing

That's how an ultra phone should look. Unfortunately I don't see it going out of China officially

  • Anonymous

Atleast this time bring stereo speakers n ip ratings on your flagship. Nd usb 3/3.1/3.2 if possible