Honor X20 Max reportedly coming with a 7.2” screen

30 August 2021
The phone will keep the X20 design and arrive with a 6,000 mAh battery.

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Cyberchum, 30 Aug 2021Yeah, can't wait for phones to grow to 9 inches. Why s... moreYes and way back humans was much liwer and all things was cheaper... Times goes you know.
When i look 56 years back, i must realize things change, but i love it.
And things i dont like, like iphones, i dont even spend time to comment on, but its good for people who like to buy iphones.

We all are different with different needs and hurrah for this 😎

Dometalican, 30 Aug 2021Let's GO! If it gets at least stereo speakers, Nano Me... moreYaa 19:9 at least, but 16:9 would be a dream for me, but will never happen i know.

I had a Asus Zenfone 3 ultra 6,8inch 16:9, lovely size, even my 2 pcs Mate 20X was tiny vs this 😍

stayheart, 02 Sep 2021I've been waiting for 7.2 inch smartphone since the la... moreAgreed, my M20X eu version got crashed 5.month ago, since this day i had samsung S21Ultra whice i sold 3 weeks later, hated it and to small and worst battery and camera ai optimization.
Then i bought the xiaomi mi 11 ultra which i live more, but 2 month ago i bought a brand new Mate 20X again, this time a Chinese version 8gb 256gb with global rom and its 100% like the eu version i had, no Chinese stuff etc and best is, it still got security updates every month and soon it will get Harmony os update and EMUI 12, thats really something and then my Mi 11 ultra will be kicked out.
M20X and around 2 days SOT thsts awesome 😍

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LemmyKilmist, 13 Sep 2021damn....im waiting from Mate 20x for a big phone...but not ... moreNokia zenjutsu 7.1" display screen, super amoled 4k resolution

damn....im waiting from Mate 20x for a big phone...but not with that cpu..

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stayheart, 02 Sep 2021I've been waiting for 7.2 inch smartphone since the la... more+1 totally agree. I'm on the same boat

  • Leo zh M

Will it launch in india?
Honor x20
Honor x20 max
Honor 50 or
Honor 50.

I've been waiting for 7.2 inch smartphone since the last almost 2 years I'm happy after this news but sad too because it's going to be in LCD no latest snapdragon processor, I'm extremely disappointed, I've to wait even more years to see a 7.2 inch smartphone like huawei mate 20x.. Huawei must ashamed they didn't make nor mate 30x nor mate 40x.. I want a 7.2 smartphone with latest and greatest hardware and camera..

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When you lunch in saudi Arabia

  • Wews

i hope its powered by sd 780g or 778g. Not a fan of any processors but sd is known for its efficiency

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.alpha, 30 Aug 2021Make an updated Mate 20Xagree men!

Add LCD or GMS support, then I'm in for this treat.

  • koolx

This phone is a complete failure. From the pic it looks like the aspect ratio is either 20:9 or worse, 21:9. Its like the screen is a narrow slit. I'll pass

honor note 20 XD

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LG Superfan, 30 Aug 2021Dimensity 1100 7.2 inch Amoled (90 or 120hz) 64MP (0.8nm ... moreUnfortunately, the X20 series only have LCD screens.

But I agree with you if it would have OLED, I'm in

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021Yeah, and VGA or Component video out.... And a removable ba... moreLol, speak for yourself. I still do. In fact, I even left the wireless audio bandwagon altogether and now going back wired.

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021Yeah, and VGA or Component video out.... And a removable ba... moreEveryone that doesn't think like you. Bring a good—not necessarily a sound—logic why there shouldn't be 3.5mm jack. Take all the time you need, I'll wait.

Totally silly comment.

Qwerty, 30 Aug 2021This design was originally introduced by Mate 30 ProOh, sorry! I didn't know that the Mate 30 Pro had that rear striped texture. /s

And no, if you meant the camera island, the Mate wasn't original with them either. There had been Nokias and Motos, and probably other brands that used centered circular camera islands way before Huawei.

IpsDisplay, 30 Aug 2021With foldables this might actually happen... 9 inch doesn&#... moreFoldables are different form-factors. This particular form-factor here can't flip close to become half the size, or unfold to become double the size.

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Tall and slim with at least mid ranger soc, will be superb choic