All Samsung Galaxy A series devices will have OIS next year, rumor says

03 September 2021
It would be a pretty important differentiating factor for the upcoming models.

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  • Shiny Dave

This definitely feels like a distinctive selling point for the series. Samsung marketing will be key to expand awareness of why this matters, but they're definitely capable of that.

Already enjoying on my A52, OIS really helps a lot specially in low light, hope other OEMs also follow this trend

  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021300 to 450 euros for smartphones with plastic frame and mos... moreYou do realize TFT is a blanket term for LCD displays, right? There are bunch of phones that use 90 or 120Hz LCD displays today. And there is nothing wrong with 60Hz LCD displays if their pixel density and viewing angles as well as color accuracy is good.

Days of horrible resolution and viewing angles where colors shift with every degree of vieweing angle are long gone. Even lowest end models like Nokia 1.4 now come at least with IPS LCD.

  • kek

Good. OIS makes a huge difference, even on shitty cameras. And that will make A series really attractive

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Just because there is OIS doesn't mean nothing. OIS is... moreSpot on. Just because OIS is mentioned, doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna be a great camera system immediately.
I'd take a single bayer 16MP 1/1.3" sensor over a quad bayer 48MP 1/2" sensor with OIS any time of the day

  • Whyki

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021300 to 450 euros for smartphones with plastic frame and mos... moreSeems that people are mad at Samsung, but honestly I'm happy with my A41. I don't need fastest chipset, highest tier chipset, resolution etc. But small, reliable device with long-term support and good battery is fine. I would go for small resolution screen to get better battery life :-)

  • Duryodhan

Samsung needs to get rid off the bloatware installing automatically on M series..

Definitely will consider samsung over others for OIS...
But non tech savvy comsumers doesn't care... Or even know the difference

  • Anonymous

Anders, 04 Sep 2021Samsung now making better phones in the €300 to €450 than X... more300 to 450 euros for smartphones with plastic frame and mostly plastic back and poor chipset compared to xiaomi and realme
First and most important thing on smartphones price is chip inside then other stuff like build quality
Your lovely sammy still using TFT on 21 era
Sammy strategies will fail and make it's fall faster
China is future believe me they are growing fast in every aspect of sience and markets

  • Anonymous

Just because there is OIS doesn't mean nothing. OIS is not unversal thing and neither it's application. They could easily put some cheapoh OIS and call it a day without any actual difference between camera with and without OIS,

Samsung now making better phones in the €300 to €450 than Xiaomi and Realme

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021I‘m ok with using a 90/120Hz LCD over AMOLED, also they won... moreNever faced any burn in. It is rare because new screens are more durable. LCD can have problems as well like ghosts or lose of colors.

  • Anonymous

Shawon, 04 Sep 2021That would be a nice thingI think that only makes sense if they are good enough. If the telephoto is worse than zoomed main camera, it’s as useless as 2MP depth/macro. And in the mid range, the quality of additional cameras can take a big hit. A bad ultrawide would be better because it can at least capture more than the main.

  • Anonymous

Samsung best, 04 Sep 2021Thank you Samsung for your OIS main camera , but we don... moreI‘m ok with using a 90/120Hz LCD over AMOLED, also they won’t have burn in. I mean how often do you use a phone in total darkness. That’s the main strength of OLED, but 120Hz can be felt both at day and night.
And when choosing LCD over OLED, manufacturers could start using brighter screens because the most annoying thing on a screen is when you are outside and can’t see a thing. That bugs me more than not-quite-perfect blacks.

  • Anonymous

Nice, glass/aluminum body for all A phones should be next. And big A7x cores as well. And Fingerprint Sensor. Then they will be at least as good as old flagships.

  • Steve

Nice! I hope that this will become a trend and even cheap Chinese phones will have OIS too

Amit1996, 04 Sep 2021Can you please explain why OIS is bad for video? Because I ... moreIt works good for taking photos, but for videos it produces wobbling distortion that can look quite a bit to severely distracting depending on the implementation. EIS is often used for videos instead because it can better compensate for shakes by not making the footage look like the environment is moving around.
The most effective would be combining in-body image stabilization (IBIS) with EIS, but not many phones today are using such mechanism.

  • Omar

Xiaomi phones does not have IOS in their camera otherwise I will go for Xioami.

AnonD-1003038, 04 Sep 2021Chinese companies win if all you do is look at spec sheets ... moreYou hit the nail on the head. Most companies with exaggerated specs sheets have terrible UI, terrible after sales, disappointing firmware updates, and a generally terrible experience with these over specced handsets.

  • Omar

vibhor119, 04 Sep 2021I bought A52 for this reason only... Me too, I bought A72 for that reason only