Google Pixel 3 phones are bricking out of nowhere, the list is growing

06 September 2021
The issue has been going on for months now.

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  • Anonymous

Anything works, 06 Sep 2021How about they install calyxos 😑Can't install anything if the phone doesn't boot mate.

  • Moo3

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Timed obsolescence!Well the Nexus 6 had a 4 year lifespan by design. Attempts were made in 2019 to prolong this, but ultimately failed. Not sure about these newer Pixel models.

How about they install calyxos 😑

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 06 Sep 2021If that's true then there's no point in getting a... moreiOS gets buggy after a half year of updates.

Great...just in time for Pixel 6 release.

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Timed obsolescence!If that's true then there's no point in getting a Pixel for long software support if it's already getting buggy after 2 Android updates only, iOS for the win?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Timed obsolescence!They bricked the phones on purpose?

  • Guest from the best

Last more or less reliable phone from Google was Nexus 5 starting from Android 6.0
After that - all of them was a total crap with continuous hardware and software problems.
I even wonder, why first Xiaomi on custom ROMs was named as icon of software bugs, when real one was Google ))

Fanboy of All brands, 06 Sep 2021If there isn't any hardware issues, it is not a Pixel.... moreThat is precisely why you have to wait 2 or 3 months to buy it, we are waiting for it, because they always come with a problem

This is why the pixel is only released to selected (read :1st world) markets. People there will suck it up and be patient with returns. I wonder how much the failure % is if they release it on a worldwide scale like samsung and apple.

The pixel 6 pro is coming, it's obvious right? speaking of another thing, I was one of those who suffered the sudden death of the LG g4 a month after buying it, it went out of nowhere and bye bye, that same day I never said more about an LG, and so it was to such a degree that LG already He died and never returned to that brand, I hope the same does not happen to my microwave and washing machine hahahaha

The Pixel 3 should never have been made so that's good I guess.

If there isn't any hardware issues, it is not a Pixel.

If there isn't any software issues, it is not an Xiaomi phones

Well let's see if Pixel 6 will have any of these issues

"Some believe that one of the security updates caused this, while others say that a hardware malfunction is the root cause, similar to LG's bootlooping problem from back in the day."

Huawei Nexus 6P says 'Hi' to you. I was about to buy one for my custom ROM activity until I read A LOT of bad complaints regarding the constant bootloop, so I ended up scrapping that wish list.

  • Anonymous

This is why nobody wants a Pixel.

  • Anonymous

Still feeling bad for my lg g4. The ultimate phone and got bricked just like that, a week after my warranty expired

  • Anonymous

It is already 3 years old , lets brick them out!

  • Anonymous

Timed obsolescence!

ahhh high end phone with most secure software but getting brick too.