AT&T is sending out replacement phones to people still using 3G-only models

07 September 2021
Even if you didn't ask for one. However, what phone you get depends on what the carrier has left in its warehouses.

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  • 23 Mar 2022

stilsunshine, 12 Mar 2022That's the second comment that I have lost. I don'... morejust needed to say "I totally agree with your assessment of att!" They were "upgrading', they said, so out of their big hearts were sending replacement phones to those of us who would be "inconvenienced". Those replacements, the go edition, are totally crap, and this is from everyone I know who's received it here in central WA. My son (who works at google in cali) got tired of hearing me whine about it & sent me a new phone for my birthday - NOT from att. Good timing.

Also, I think this one of this site's posting rules must've been put in place because so many are like-minded about att:
"No bashing - deliberately and repeatedly bashing the same brand." :-D

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    • 22 Mar 2022

    Anonymous, 03 Mar 2022Same thing happened to me - almost exactly. What a bunch o... moreYes. If everyone took the time to fill out the FCC complaint, something might happen. I doubt it. The only way they listen is through loud protests and cancelled contracts. Keep in mind that having to go through this is hard for anyone but now consider the poor, unemployed, or people with PTSD or SAD or ASD. They teach them to come at a customer in groups of two and three and to speak aggressively. It is a nightmare.

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      • 14 Mar 2022

      Anyone else have this problem. Being charged $1000 for not turning in my trade in for the $800 discount for a new iPhone 13 pro, because no one was able to accept my trade-in since ATT canceled my account when I didn't get my iPhone within 30 days (chip shortage) in order to activate the phone and keep the account active.

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        • 14 Mar 2022

        stilsunshine, 12 Mar 2022Att is making it out to where their rules are the only ones... moreI'm totally 100% with you on that!

          stilsunshine, 12 Mar 2022I've sat here and read a lot of the comments about the... moreAtt is making it out to where their rules are the only ones you are allowed to play by. I'm kicking myself for buying another phone thru them. My last 4 phones I'd purchased were unlocked and I intended on keeping it that way. They shut both of our phones down, mine and my husbands. We ended up buying 2 new phones. I hate the phone I bought, thought I'd get used to it. I haven't and don't expect to. Samsung Galaxy S 20 FE 5G. Supposedly a good phone. I'm sure it is but I don't like it. It's Android as my older phone was but so different. I settled for it because of the limited stock they had in 3 different Att stores.
          Yep, after all the years of being a loyal customer from back in the day when they were Southwestern Bell and maybe before that. My parents had Southwestern Bell and I followed them. I'm 65 years old and all of my phone, tv and internet services are and have always been with Att. If I live long enough to either get this 36 months behind me you can bet I plan on dumping their services. There are plenty of other providers out there that I can get. Att is all about the money. If you have their services I guess they feel its a privilege, you have to buy their products. They fried 2 perfectly good phones. They've managed to get me over the proverbial barrel and I can't wait until I get off. 36 months. Loyal customer was good for nothing in their book. Spend over $400 a month to have their services before I bought new phones both of which are 5g and I pay for unlimited data w 5G and I'm sitting here at home in a pretty big city with no 5G service. Why did they sell me something I don't get or they don't have or can't deliver. It ought to be against the law what they've done and what they are continuing to do. There are not enough words in the English language to describe my feelings where Att is concerned. I just needed to get a little of that said.. I'm so frustrated over it all. I could go into detail about everything but it's all been said before I joined in on this site. Thanks for letting me have a say!

            That's the second comment that I have lost. I don't even know if it went was posted or what but apparently I'm not doing something right so I'm done AT&T sucks, before I go just had to get that out!!!!

              I've sat here and read a lot of the comments about the AT&T 3g network shutdown or Sunset as they refer to it. "Shitset" is more apt a name. It's all about money. So many people have the same leginment complaint including myself.
              My husband and I both lost phones to this 3g b s. Both of them were 4g LTE phones. They had all the information in our account. They were not supposed to shut them down. They did! Mine went the first week and his the second week. I spent all day on my daughter's phone and at the same time running back and forth to the AT&T store getting new sim cards put in my phone so they could get it back online and to my disappointment I never got my flagship Vivo Xi+ back. They ruined the phone. They friedy phone when the shit it down. The replacement they'd sent to me and my husband months before where a p o s and not usable I may opinion. I was adamant I was not going to let them force me to buy a phone from them. Well as luck would have it I did end up buying a phone thru them after about t days without one

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                • 04 Mar 2022

                3 Note 9, 1 note 5 all stopped. We called, impossible to reach anyone. Went in the store and was lied to in the face! We left ATT related services to verizon with same phones, and NO problem.

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                  • 03 Mar 2022

                  Anonymous, 05 Jan 2022It's strange most ATT employees know nothing about thi... moreSame thing happened to me - almost exactly. What a bunch of BS!!!!! All of us need to take our complaints to the FCC. Who is this KAI OS anyway? Does the government understand that it really means CHAOS? Seriously.

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                    • 23 Feb 2022

                    The Fusion Z (pre pay phone) AT$T sent me as a 5g replacement DOES NOT HAVE 5g band capability. In fact it uses the exact same 4g bands as the phone they say is no long supported, a Galaxy s8. But looking on their site and the s8 is supported as long as it has the latest updates, which mine does. The fact is I bought an unlocked s8 and not the AT$T BLOATWARE filed and badged s8 and they didn't make any $$$ off it. AT$T IS SCREWING THEIR CUSTOMERS!!!

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                      • 11 Feb 2022

                      my ZTE has come apart and have lost my no 922-1555 do you send a new phone

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                        • 01 Feb 2022

                        ATT sent a free replacement for my Huawei P40 pro plus with a calypso 2.
                        Free or not, what a piece of garbage, after over ten years with ATT I had to switch to T mobile in order to keep using my Huawei.
                        The calypso 2 just does not like cold weather and it just does things on its own specially when you are on a phone reminds me of the first touch screens years ago.
                        Free or not ,should not be on the market.

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                          • 28 Jan 2022

                          Called ATT today regarding my free phone mailed to me.. I expressed my disappointment in said phone. Only advice was take it to an ATT exchange. Ready to quit ATT😰

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                            • 27 Jan 2022

                            I received an ATT far, I am not happy with it...planning to return it. What about people with 3g phones that DO NOT HAVE ATT..they are still using them...

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                              • 23 Jan 2022

                              I received my phone today. An AT&T Motivate. Internal memory of 16 GB. It is useless

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                                • 18 Jan 2022

                                I have a ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5G, I steady have 4g service, had some problems with the service when I got AT&T but it worked itself out. Then the company kept putting a temporary block on my data. The 3rd time they did this the tech told me that their computers are showing that I have a 3g phone, I told him I had a 5g phone that was released in 2020 and I steady have 4g service. He told me that since the system is showing I have a 3g phone that my service would end if I didn't upgrade, I told him I was gonna upgrade in February to get the new Galaxy, he said ok that's great. 2 days after that Convo, I get texts and an email saying they were gonna send me a new phone to be able to use my 5g. I'm thinking ok that's cool, this was the beginning of December. Fast-forward to today, I just got the new phone that they sent me and it's a 100% downgrade from what I'm currently using. They send me the Calypso, after I looked it up, I was highly disappointed. 1gb ram/32gb rom vs the 16gb ram/258gb rom I'm currently using. I think I'll just stick with my current phone and sell the other for $20 lol. If I can get that much from it lol

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                                  • 13 Jan 2022

                                  I'm here cuz I got an At&t Calypso in the mail today.. aw man it not a galaxy!

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                                    • 12 Jan 2022

                                    I got a letter and texts saying they were sending a new phone. I guess if i don't recieve it by 1 Feb. I'll call sprint to see if rhey want my business.

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                                      • 11 Jan 2022

                                      I got a letter and texts saying they were sending a new phone. I guess if i don't recieve it by 1 Feb. I'll call sprint to see if rhey want my business.

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                                        • 08 Jan 2022

                                        Contacted ATT 3x about the placement phone they are supposed to be sending. Every person I talk to is impossible to understand! Its been 30 days since they told me they are sending me a new phone.After 1 hour on the phone I got the same BS story.Its coming don't were it is but its coming! Time to change from ATT