AT&T is sending out replacement phones to people still using 3G-only models

07 September 2021
Even if you didn't ask for one. However, what phone you get depends on what the carrier has left in its warehouses.

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  • Brittnic87

They are not free! It's an installment plan attached to them fyi.

  • Smokie

Jay, 07 Sep 2021It's not daft, ppl are lucky to be getting phones sent... moreATT text me saying they were sending me a free phone because come February 2022 my 3G phone would no longer work. Well I received my FREE phone and when I got my bill the next month, they are charging me $1.75 a month for next 36 months. After three months of my daughter calling and trying to get this “free charge” of $1.75 taken off my monthly bill, they said they had to show this charge each month for 36 months but will deduct $1.75 from my bill each month until the 36 months is over. Does this make sense to anyone? I may not be the brightest but it’s doesn’t make sense to me. All I can say is you better watch your bill every month and see what they are charging you!

  • CF

This whole phone upgrade thing was a scam. I have been on the phone with AT&T for HOURS, being taken from department to department, looking for the NEW Galaxy S9 they promised me. Never came. Liars. I'm switching to Verizon.

  • Anonymous

steve, 20 Oct 2021I have a galaxy s21. ATT disconnected it because they say ... moreI have a galaxy s10 they say supports the 5g. And that this cingular flip phone they sent me I need to take sim out and put in phone I have for it to be compatible. My phone is 4g LTE not 3g. Something seems off. I'm switching to prepaid metro.

  • Vicky

I never received a replacement phone. Checked on line without success. Went to local AT&T store several times. Today I was told that they had them but couldn’t give it to me for free because it would deplete their inventory. However, they could sell me one.
Should I end up getting a smart phone, it won’t be through AT&T

  • Okie

The calypsos we received are a pieces of junk. They drop calls, don't receive text consistently, and take forever to connect to the internet. I will be switching carriers tomorrow.

  • Martie

I received my FREE flip phone from AT&T, but they are charging me $1.75 a month for 30 months for this FREE phone. After my daughter called and argued with them on three different occasions they are removing the charge. However they add it to my bill then take it off at the bottom. Watch your bills! Then on top of it all this flip phone is NOT senior friendly. My daughter can’t even get the voice mail set up. She’s a whiz at technical things. I’m looking for another phone. To heck with this FREE stuff!

  • Chrizrc

I got a terrible AT&T Motivate (V341U) with 2GB ram on android go - the screen snapped in half while sitting on my desk like it was under compression - its so much slower and worse than my previous OnePlus 5T

  • Mike

I was pleasantly surprised that my Mother-in-Law just received an iPhone XS! I was going to buy her a new SE if the phone they sent was garbage.

  • elisa7joy

Currently waiting for my new one fingers crossed it has a good camera.

  • Anonymous

Will, 08 Sep 2021Crap shit from AT&T, u are free to use any phone, as lo... moreNot On AT&T anymore

  • Aggravated

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021My husband had a 3g prepaid flip phone I went to AT&T s... moreYou can only use phones supported on their list. Basically only certain model numbers ect so they sell you the phone

  • steve

I have a galaxy s21. ATT disconnected it because they say it only works on 3G. They say it doesn't work on 5G.... Which is obviously ridiculous. There isn't even a better phone out there. They say they sent me another super crappy phone, which they did not. They won't reconnect my S21, because its to primitive. hahahaha ATT sucks !!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021I have always had an iPhone. I was sent a Samsung. I don’t ... moreYes

  • Anonymous

I have always had an iPhone. I was sent a Samsung. I don’t want it. Will I have to purchase a new phon if I want an iPhone?

  • Anonymous

My husband had a 3g prepaid flip phone I went to AT&T store and was told to go to Walmart and get one. Bought one had it activated it didn't work. Back to AT&T and was told it was the phone Returned it Never got a free replacement phone so right now he has no phone Probably cancell his plan

  • Anonymous

What happens I I don't want the phone.

  • Anonymous

Will, 08 Sep 2021Crap shit from AT&T, u are free to use any phone, as lo... moreSame thing happened to me with my OnePlus 7Pro. I called expressed my concerns repeatedly and had my call escalated. The OP 7 Pro is on the accepted list of phones for Feb 2022. So it is b.s. if they don’t just add your IMEI to the validation. The rep I escalated to have me the run around for a bit then turned my sim back on “temporarily” and then created a an urgent ticket for my phone to be valid within 24-48 hrs. He said I would get a text sometime later with case #. I got a text an hour later from ATT that “Your urgent case has been resolved. If you have any questions, call 611. Thank you for choosing us.” My OP 7 Pro and I were reunited!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021Basically if your phone switches to 3G or H+ for calling it... moreI have a OnePlus 7 Pro…went to the store they said they fixed it with a new sim because no way I can use the free runny sink go phone like option they sent. Worked for 5 minutes then I got a message from ATT that my phone iS not supported after the store closed!

  • Anonymous

Yeah, the make a fuss about setting up 5G but it is only available in "the big cities".