Motorola demos wireless charger that works at 3m, handles four phones simultaneously

08 September 2021
It covers an arc of 100ยบ and can handle obstructions such as your hand, pocket or case.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2021True Wireless Charging is the future.Sorry to say, but it is the future of wasting energy to be lazy...

It is useless and has harmful waves. Just for get attention

  • Anonymous

And as always wireless transmission will waste a lot more power to charge the same amount. I prefer using a wired charger and charge more efficiently.

  • Anonymous

Future is here ! :)

There goes ecology with no chargers, you buy a brick. That being said, I hope we some day see that Nikola Tesla's dream - electricity through air.
Great to see some devices already, there is no Shazam here so it got to start somehow...

captain fokou, 08 Sep 2021That's more like wireless charging. Let's be hone... moreBecause you use it to mainly charge the phone rather than top up power when not using the phone.
I do find real usefulness in the current Wireless charging feature. I don't need to worry for the cable type of the phone for example. It can be Type-C, MicroUSB, or not even have a working charging port at all and still be able to charge the device.
It can be wireless earbuds, watches, etc.

  • jNO

The problem with wireless charging is always efficiency.

JoXim, 08 Sep 2021That's like our parents were asking themselves why do ... moreUh, no. Not at all. Mobile phones and landline phones are completely different products. You can't communicate reliability outside your house with a landline phone. However, a phone that charges normally remains fully usable. True wireless chargers do not make mobile phones more usable, especially when you are at home, where outlets and fast wired chargers are available.

Tell me what you will be able to do with those that cannot be done with a normal wired/near wireless charging phone? "Never having to plug in a cable" does not count, by the way.

Fantastic.... Keep it up Motorola

Akashraj, 08 Sep 2021What if there was a gasoline leak in the house with this ch... moreIt will not ignite a spark in gasoline, unless it has any faulty component, which can occure from your wired charger..electro magnetic field cannot ignite gasoline.

It will create electromagnetic interference in our sensitive electronic equipments. I have one music system designed and built by me..I know how little electromagnetic interference from 12V transformer changed my audio tuning.. !!!

  • blue.sun

Oh yes, that's great. 5 W at three meters, that's what, 100 W at the transmitter? That's exactly what you want to have at home, running 24/7. A microwave oven running at low power.
Thank you, give me a wire.

Imagine what it does to your body!

pufanu, 08 Sep 2021Nah, it's actually pretty nice to be able to just lay ... moreI never use wireless charging because about 40% of the energy used gets wasted

P-CHM, 08 Sep 2021This seems futile. There is also the very minor matter of t... moreThat's like our parents were asking themselves why do we need mobile/cordless phones at all?
And look where we are now...

  • AM Bunny

zodiacfml, 08 Sep 2021why not a wireless charger that looks like a desk lamp enou... moreWow! That's a billion trollars idea! Brilliant ๐Ÿ‘

  • Dv8p

This is the true meaning of wireless charging not the useless ones we already have...

captain fokou, 08 Sep 2021That's more like wireless charging. Let's be hone... moreNah, it's actually pretty nice to be able to just lay my phone on the desk and have it slowly charging/topping off. I only use a cable when I'm in a rush. It's not vital, but a very cool option.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 08 Sep 2021i hope this tech not bad for health and enviroment its craz... moreIt is bad for the environment for sure. A lot of wasted energy.

This seems futile. There is also the very minor matter of total power consumption versus the effective power usage. You know, something completely irrelevant in a world concerned with its environment.

Wireless power charging pads already consume much more power than they deliver to smartphones. A 10W wireless charger might require about 15W of power. That's 33% of efficiency lost for no good reason at an almost null distance. Those systems can only be worse. Is plugging a simple cable that hard that we consider wasting even more of our limited energy resources to be wise?