Motorola demos wireless charger that works at 3m, handles four phones simultaneously

08 September 2021
It covers an arc of 100º and can handle obstructions such as your hand, pocket or case.

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This is true wireless charging

why not a wireless charger that looks like a desk lamp enough for a single phone at 5w or less as long it can fully charge a phone in 8 hours or less?

  • Anonymous

Looks promissing. If this evolves, you enter your home and your phone is immediatly charging your phone, you don´t have to do anything.

motorola just needs to enable this on to their phones. Current 2021 there´s no phone compatible with QI charching

  • Anonymous

Funny how a certain fruit company is pretending there's no wire attached to their "wireless charger with magnets" while other companies are working on a true wireless solution.

  • Anonymous

Oh, so actually finally "Wireless" charging, not "wireless - T&Cs apply". That is perfect and suitable for so many situations. Would be nice if it was even 15w fast charge. But hey, baby steps. Way to go Motorola.

  • Anonymous

True Wireless Charging is the future.

  • Anonymous

Akashraj, 08 Sep 2021What if there was a gasoline leak in the house with this ch... moreNothing will happen.

This is only transmitting large amount of Electro magnetic waves.

Petrol will not conduct EM waves.

That's more like wireless charging. Let's be honest, the wireless charging we have know is useless

Wow really interesting tech

What if there was a gasoline leak in the house with this charger on 🤔?

i hope this tech not bad for health and enviroment its crazy to think an electric is flying and charging a phone!

  • Anonymous

They can also make huge money by licensing to other.