Weekly poll: vivo X70 series will be rolling out to new markets soon, will you buy one?

12 September 2021
And which one - the X70 Pro+ got the most upgrades, which sets it apart from the X60 Pro+. The X70 and X70 Pro don't stand out as much.

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This phone will cost around $1,000 plus you will have to buy a powerbank, a suitable charging cable, a suitable wall charger, every time you go out you must plan your day because the battery might just last half day!
These modern phones need at least a 5000mAh battery!

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021My opinion still stands.That's the problem with people like you, you think your opinion matter more than FACTS.
I constantly keep arguing with the exact same kind of people, those who believe what they THINK is more true than FACTS and EXISTING examples.

And funnily, most of the time it is an anonymous user.

3.5mm or GTFO.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 14 Sep 2021Read my answer again, I literally debunked all of those.My opinion still stands.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021Bigger battery? Better earpiece/speaker? Smaller body becau... moreRead my answer again, I literally debunked all of those.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021What are you missing out on because of all the cramped space?Bigger battery? Better earpiece/speaker? Smaller body because of more free space? Better dust and water resistance? Have you even seen how much space the popup motor even consumes?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021I'd argue having bezels is a way better solution than ... moreWhat are you missing out on because of all the cramped space?

  • Phaze0085

I haven’t used a Vivo phone since the Nex 3 but, if their new os still doesn’t support the ability to use 3rd party launchers, I definitely won’t be getting one, as tempting as it may be.

  • AnonD-909757

Acorns, 13 Sep 2021Try reading before ranting, I said IN MY OPINION! You have ... moreI didn't take it personally, I only replied because some won't care about the "in my opinion" and will consider it as an absolute truth, and the punch hole being already everywhere, the last thing it need is more praising toward it.

People fail to realize how impactful their comments are, and that when I answer it isn't about me or the person I answer to, but the general positive/negative balance on a subject, which is exactly why I am so serious about my answers.
This is exactly why I talk about punch holes, notches and underdisplay camera as something that should immediately be stopped despite that I actually don't want any of those to disappear, that's all about general balance, if you are gently saying "I don't like it", it has much less impact than if you clearly state why it is a bad thing.
The day those would become rare, I would probably end-up defending them.
That's also why I "praise" so much the pop up, and literally this is because of all this unjustified hate that it disappeared.

AnonD-909757, 13 Sep 2021First, there is no "best option", the best option... moreTry reading before ranting, I said IN MY OPINION! You have your opinion on why you don't like punch holes and why the pop up is a viable and safer option (which I actually agree and think it's the 'best solution' for a true full screen phone) however I personally along with many others, note I said many and not all, have no problems with punchhole cameras and don't find them distracting. Don't always assume people are attacking what you say but learn to accept some people also have different views and priorities to you. Have a good day ✌️

  • AnonD-909757

Acorns, 13 Sep 2021It's true when you use a phone with hole punch that yo... moreFirst, there is no "best option", the best option is to let the choice for everyone to have what they want, meaning not restrict the market to one or two things only when there is a dozen available options and many have more than enough demand to justify them.
If there was to be a best option, it would be the bezel and phones with no front camera.

Second, the punch hole issue isn't only visual, not only this is already a nameless stupidity that absolutely no other market than the smartphone one, which is the absolute king of bad decision-making, and would be a total failure in any other market, but the issue is that every single other alternatives allow for an array for sensors in a way or another, except the punch hole which is here ONLY for the front facing camera, the most valuable part of the phone is undoubtably the display, it is how you use 99% of your phone, which make it even more stupid compared to basically all other devices having a display that smartphones, who also started to implement many sensors, is the only one who have such a thing.

And it DOES consume space, unlike iOS where the status bar DOES NOT show notifications, on Android, it is a really important part of the user interface, some even consider it as the most important part of it, and it already is cramp and don't have enough space.
The issue is that the punch hole isn't just cutting its own width, but also cutting space around it too, as there is a margin.
Centered one cut the status and notification bar in the middle despite this bar having been made for NOT splitting the two in the middle, but having a good balance allowing whichever have the most info to show to take up as much space as the other allow it to have, and left or right punch holes have more than their own width as a margin from the side of the display.
They take the same space and even more than the teardrop notch and actually they also reach lower in the display.

The ONLY good implementation of the punch hole I ever saw was the Meizu 17 series that combined it with the battery icon to gain some space and make it actually kinda useful, or at least, not totally useless, and even here it isn't perfect and has too wide margins.

And again, the "I stop noticing it after..." only apply to SOME people, NOT TO EVERYONE.
Should we get rid of it entirely? No.
Should we have other options also available? Duh, of course, like EVERY OTHER MARKETS on the planet already do, except the smartphone one which is the only one who have a community where users think all phones should only match their own preferences and/or the trends.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2021I'd argue having bezels is a way better solution than ... moreAnd people wonder why I write so much about the pop up.
Simply because there is so many lies and misinformation about it.

The Poco F2 Pro is the perfect proof that this argument is totally false.
A phone that has an actually average thickness, and still more battery than a lot of high-end phones with the same dimensions, which in fact have an above average battery capacity to body volume.
And this, despite having :
*The supposedly space consuming pop up.
*A 3.5mm Jack.
*Quad camera and no camera bump whatsoever.
*No fewer features than other phones.
*The once world biggest vapor cooling chamber of any phones, only beaten once AFAIK.

Does the pop up take no space at all? Of course that it doesn't take 0 space, it still takes up space, that's physic, it's obvious.
But does it take any RELEVANT amount of space? No, the Poco F2 Pro is a proof of that.

  • AnonD-909757

AnonD-994853, 13 Sep 2021If u want privacy so bad, get an duck tape and paste it ont... moreOr, you can just NOT be an ass and lets other having the right to get devices they also like, meaning phones without punch hole.
Because, in case you haven't figured that out yet, this isn't for you to tell other what they like or not.

Also, I'll like to see you try and put a duck tape on a punch hole or an underdisplay camera, just for a laugh.

The ducktape is the most over-used and the most stupid low quality and poor intelligence answer to anyone talking about privacy, second only to "don't use tech then/you already are on social media" level of ignorance about the modern world type of answers.

  • AnonD-909757

AnonD-994853, 13 Sep 2021And what's wrong with an tiny 3mm punch hole? It doesn... moreYeah, sure, which is exactly why so many hates it and why everyone wants the underdisplay camera for getting rid of the punch hole.

You aren't representing the whole humanity, it does bother some people, in my case, this is a really annoying thing that I can't filter out.

My girlfriend has a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9, so I know what a phone with a punch hole is, the teardrop notch that at first thought wouldn't bother me made me hate those.
But as usual, your comments are so poor that I wouldn't have expected anything else than a low grade disrespectful attempt at communicating or you talking about a subject you actually know something about.

  • AnonD-909757

AnonD-994853, 13 Sep 2021Lol, read the specs carefully and also watch the launch eve... moreAre you high?

This isn't because there is a hate toward 2Mp macro camera, which is legitimate because of their awful quality caused by their low resolution, that you have to mindlessly follow the hate train and hate macro without even knowing why.
Not only Macro has a real artistic value but also can offer valuable use when trying to see/read something small.

12Mp is, for a good reason, a great standard of minimum resolution often wished to have, for many reasons, one is for editing, to have enough details to works with, another one, which is even more important in a Telephoto, is to be able to add numerical zoom on top of optical magnification, which is called hybrid zoom, or to have a good cropping, or simply to zoom in the picture in any software, and still have good details.
There is a reason why every brands who don't jump on the 10000Mp bandwagon that Samsung have and are serious about their photography now only put 12Mp or more on all their sensors, including the Telephoto, at least on their high end devices, this includes Apple (every iPhones who ever had a Telephoto), Sony (every Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 and all their pro phones since 2019), Google (with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL which is regarded as a great camera phone who have a 16Mp Telephoto).

What are you even talking about?
Either you are still stuck with the S10, Note10, S20 and Note20 series and have never heard of the S21 nor the Meizu 18 series that have proper ultrasonic FPS that beat optical one in every aspect, wherever it is speed, reliability, security or ease of use; or you know absolutely nothing at all.

No, I am pointing that haters like you often try to put down the pop up by saying that the Poco F2 Pro has a small battery and is thick, while actually being the same thickness of most other phones, has a bigger battery than this one, so if the Poco F2 Pro with 4700 is small, then a 4500 is small too.
C'mon, this is 2021, 5000 should be the minimum, MAINLY considering the price of the device and that many midranges have a 6000mAh battery, in fact, the Samsung M62, F62 and M51 have 7000mAh batteries for half the price of this phone.

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YUKI93, 12 Sep 2021Between the three, the Pro+ definitely piques my interest. ... moreThe X70 Pro is a case in point. The China version will retain the Exynos 1080 chipset and will have the same V1 custom ISP chip as in the Pro+ variant. However, the Global version will have Dimensity 1200 chipset and not have the custom ISP chip.

AnonD-994853, 13 Sep 2021And what's wrong with an tiny 3mm punch hole? It doesn... moreIt's true when you use a phone with hole punch that you don't notice it's there coz your brain compensates for it and fills in the gap and I literally never notice it when using my phone. Untill they perfect the udc it's definitely the best option (in my opinion anyway)

Not coming to Europe Vivo X70Pro+ or X60Pro+ means not buying a vivo phone

  • AnonD-994853

AnonD-909757, 13 Sep 2021For the billionth time : The pop up is NOT my favorite sol... moreIf u want privacy so bad, get an duck tape and paste it onto your phone's small punch hole selfie cam

  • AnonD-994853

AnonD-909757, 13 Sep 2021For the billionth time : The pop up is NOT my favorite sol... moreAnd what's wrong with an tiny 3mm punch hole? It doesn't distract you at all. Let me guess, you haven't used an hole punch phone right?