Weekly poll: vivo X70 series will be rolling out to new markets soon, will you buy one?

12 September 2021
And which one - the X70 Pro+ got the most upgrades, which sets it apart from the X60 Pro+. The X70 and X70 Pro don't stand out as much.

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Nah. ill keep my x60. SD870 is safe choice right now. Can install gcam is another plus point having SD chips. Sorry mediatek & exy

  • Anonymous

Could you please check??? x70 Pro has a periscope camera (none in the x60 pro)... you wrote that the x70 pro lost it!!!

Pro+ costs are Insane

If camera is decent

  • Anonymous

Where do you start. No quality video (12 bit+ HDR 4:2:2-4:4:4 high bit rate inter or intra codec, or pro log, 16 stop) or pro quality or cinema quality. No 8k p48/50/60fps. No recurring to external SSD at high bit rate.

No good quality video app, full manual controls and external control through USB or BT (both have control API).

No USB 3.2 or 4.0 ports (2-3x). Isn't this just garbage USB 2, which means no USB 8k out for videos.

Miracast as well as chrome cast?

Twice the price it should be at an Apple price, which Apple is going to have quality ProRes video codec this week, you can use at a party, your Freund's wedding, or event, or child's birthday party.

  • Anonymous

You should add - My current phone is doing just fine

  • bob

after voting on the poll host site, cos' it still not work on here, i go for none as the only 1 worth having is the super massive pro+ (now we have a + for the xtra massive model not just the plus) an thats just too expensive for what it is ( cheap chinese manufacturing).

Of course if the price is right

I will go with the vanilla X70 which will be available for $500 in my country .... ,

- 6.5" 10 bit 120hz S Amoled display
- 32mp Selfie
- 40mp (sony Imx 766) + 12mp (ultrawide) + 12mp (20x zoom) rear Camera
- Gimbal stabilization
- 4k 60fps video recording
- Zeiss lens, coating
- 4400 mah Battery, 44w charger
- Dimensity 1200 soc
- 8/128

i choose non of the above but x70 pro is better than P50 pro or moto edge 20 pro,

  • Anonymous

Great poll.