Interview: Realme CEO Madhav Sheth talks Realme 9, chipset shortages

12 September 2021
Sheth also talks about the brand's success in India and Europe.

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  • Anonymous

What a f***** wannabe celebrity!
Looks like they are gonna change plans if the Redmi note 11 series launches about next month as the rumors say.

  • Anonymous

kumar, 12 Sep 2021bring updates with lots of bugs and never fix it, so we hav... moreSecond that!
Reviews say how realme ui is superior to miui, but I've had worse experience with bugs in realme. Guess realme also resorted to buying reviews like samsung.
Xiaomi also has better hardware like in secondary cameras. The ultrawide on realme at same price really sucks, and no need to mention the macro. And the value for money factor keeps on falling.
Probably won't trust realme again

  • OhNOPoserManAgain

have a Realme 8 Pro. I know what products this "poser man" is promoting. I advise you, if you read me, to stop promoting yourself more than the phones. People are already looking at you wrong. You still have time. Stop releasing so many variants of the same phone and take care of the battery issue. How come you didn't put a stereo speaker in the Realme 8 Pro, are you ok?

Wow so much hate. He is not a sith lord but a seller!

  • Woohoo

Dear GSMA,
Can u *PLS f@#$ing STOP* interviewing this cringe AF CEO every other month?? Or at least go out of your way and interview other brands reps as well??
Sure I've 3 realme phones (XT, 7 Pro & X7 Max) within my family but I can't stand this guy nor some of their practices seriously (never releasing their 50W mini charger just boasting about it on socials, updates that are late and degrade the s/w rather than upgrading it-it's the reason I'm still on the version my X7 Max shipped with-A.15 and haven't upgraded to subsequent A.16/17 nor A.18 yet)!!

  • Anonymous

Stop depend on china for parts

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021UglyAre you here for product info or satisfying your other hidden needs.

  • .alpha

Good interview. Always know how much importance Realme places on India

This guy is so full of himself lol

  • Poser

Poser. IS a poder. He sell herself. No the product. And he think IS handsome. Pathetic marketing

  • M.Ali

Why the "Realme 8" struck with shortage... not available in market n not even online...

  • Anonymous

Dont buy any realme phones. Realme is trash. Their software updates are so slow compared to other brands. Buy samsung or xiaomi instead.

  • Anonymous

Trash marketing once again from realme

kumar, 12 Sep 2021bring updates with lots of bugs and never fix it, so we hav... moreOppo used to be good at updates, the problem is customers are so stupid they were more focused on new android versions (that usually come with features already existing on other uis with better optimisation) rather than real software updates that are pushed by the company, so what matters is what's wright for your phone especially midrange phones that usually struggle to keep up rather than getting the latest version of android or the ui itself, my phone is 3 years old know and still on android 9 and works perfectly fine, sure the performance isn't the same as the first year, but no buggs or issues that you can even find on newer phones, the esthetics are a little bit outdated but the performance is stable, that's what's important. But nowadays all what people care about are numbers, companies aren't gonna spend money to optimize new versions of android for old midrange phones, that will never happen.

kumar, 12 Sep 2021bring updates with lots of bugs and never fix it, so we hav... moreYes you don't make money on software updates.

  • Anonymous

Realme.... spending more on PR than SW uodates and bigfixes

  • kumar

bring updates with lots of bugs and never fix it, so we have to change the smartphone

  • Kid

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021haha true 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂oh my, can't think about it

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Pumpino, 12 Sep 2021Wallpapers of him. Imagine that. hahahahaha true 😂