Interview: Realme CEO Madhav Sheth talks Realme 9, chipset shortages

12 September 2021
Sheth also talks about the brand's success in India and Europe.

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Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021this poser keeps pretending to be a celebrity Very a... moreWallpapers of him. Imagine that. hahaha

  • Andre

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2021Chip shortages? Well then why don't you stop making a ... moreBecause older models also use chips? :)

  • Anonymous

Chip shortages? Well then why don't you stop making a new model every two weeks? That should help.

An interview is something where you ask "where are the SW updates?", "where are the bug fixes?".... This is a PR piece. Not good at all.

  • Anonymous

Is Realme paying you for publishing these interviews? Because they are always pure garbage, the whole thing is an basically an ad written by Realme's PR team.

  • Anonymous

This guy in the picture, whoever he is, is such a poser. He always popping up in every promotional picture as of he some celebrity of sort. Real annoying

soo,, Realme gonna use Chip Shortage Card to justify their price increase from this point on??

once the price incense, it won't decrease,,
even after Chip Stock solve next year.

  • Anonymous

this poser keeps pretending to be a celebrity

Very annoying. Won't buy a realme phone ever. Perhaps even the wallpapers would be all of just him

  • Jomson

In summary?

  • Andres

Stop interviewing this propaganda man. He is using your site as free PR


Man enough with this guy already.. showing his smug mug and answering staged questions..
You're turning into his PR platform, Gsmarena.

  • OhNo2

Really don't know if he is promoting Realme products or his face in all the photos. In previous photos he was seen showing his car getting out of it. I can't believe it, and I bought a Realme. But it's the last Realme I'm going to buy. There are no updates.

  • OhNo

Again this man... Hey Man, stop sending hypes and use to update the realme 8 pro in camera app.

  • Rubu

Buying realme 7 was on of my biggest mistake. I don't trust realme anymore.

  • Anonymous

Absolutely non sensical phone launches every week instead of focusing on selected models and improving software and no wide angle cam at 20k instead adding multiple useless 2mp cams,launching same phone with different chipset at around same price confusing customers even more

  • Mohit

Why they don't talk about them dumping e-waste in India.

  • Anonymous

Tbh, this guy is a complete douchebag for releasing Android 11 updates on their devices really slowly

  • LunarEnemy

I just love how the CEO just mention India and not another country or continent.

Realme phones are always compromised on battery capacity ,this guy is Chinese stooge, keeps blabbering about fake fans.

I'm glad that atleast there's a positive side to the global chip shortage else Realme would have blazed past launching Realme 9s and 9i series. Realme(me), just maintain this sane schedule of launching 1 lineup per year.