Google Pixel 6 Pro pops up on Geekbench, reveals its Tensor SoC

13 September 2021
As well as 12GB of RAM variant.

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  • BCIslandAnglee

I feel the Pixel 6 design is game changing and combined with Android 12, will have game changing performance as well. I love my Pixel 3, but the Pixel is numerically twice as good... 🤔😂

I might go for this new pixel without 5g!!! But my pixel 4 is still a beast though!!! Roooooarrrrrr!!!!!

I don't think this is the real score. Damn it's too LOW!
This is bad for market

  • Just In Flip Flops

There is a test the day before with nearly a double single core score.

  • Insaaf pasand

Scores are so low

domraym, 13 Sep 2021The regular pixel 6 might actually be a better phone if you... moreOne thing I do like about the vanilla Pixel 6 is the screen as it will be flat instead of curved. But because the Pixel 6 Pro allegedly will have a 48MP telephoto camera, I'm might be eyeing the Pro more than the vanilla. That said, I won't be holding my breath until I read the full review.

2+2+4 core cluster configuration. The last time I saw a flagship-grade chipset with that kind of configuration was the Exynos 990 and the Kirin 990. Forget Qualcomm and Mediatek since they never do that in the first place.

The Android Freak, 13 Sep 2021Exynos is nowhere near snapdragon and mediatek. Mediatek ha... moreYou're delusional, Exynos 2100 is already very close to SD 888, and don't bring MTK to the talk after they were caught faking benchmark scores

I see many comments from some complaining about a chip that has not yet been released on the market and that therefore has not been tested or anything, what matters most is the performance, it does not matter that it is an unpublished exynos, the Apple Abionic is unpublished since it manufactures a third and it's good .. 12 gb and android stock is crazy going to leave everyone far behind

If the Tensor can run cool, then great. The Snapdragon 888 overheating bothers me. It's the SD810 all over again. Overheating drains battery life expectancy faster and throttling only slows down your phone and creates lag. Heat and a battery don't mix. Tensor won't win any benchmarks but it may win in battery life. If it runs cool, the smooth experience continues. No throttle.

  • Anonymous

Macaulay Culkin, 13 Sep 2021It's good that it has 12 GB RAM but I've read Ten... moreMaybe price it like 765G phone then

  • Dylan

To be fair, they're not promising "ground breaking speed and power". They're promising a more personalized device with heightened security and faster voice recognition. Pixel devices by default are fully optimized by Google to be fluid and seamless, so as long as this chip competes in speed relative to a flagship of this year, the extra features advertised using this Tensor chip will be an added bonus.

It's good that it has 12 GB RAM but I've read Tensor (AKA an unreleased Exynos chip) is only on par to a Snapdragon 765G. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Battery life would be incredible on this since most of the Snapdragon 8xx series is overkill by this point. I don't find the SD888 to be all that. But I don't like the idea of paying over a grand that isn't a flagship SoC.

  • Anonymous

Very midrange score. We'll see in practice.

They should have just subcontracted the Pixel to Samsung ie a rebadged Galaxy S21. Just like the old Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Would make more sense than all the money they forked out to HTC just to put out weak phones year after year.

As the article clearly states, hold your horses y'all. It should get better when the device releases next month.

I'm fine with my Xperia but I genuinely hope Google does a good job here.

  • Anonymous

Looks good to me! I'm excited!

Last year,Huawei was under sanctions and made kirin 9000 that is too much better than Google this year processor!

  • PixelFan

Wtf my free phone from tmo one plus nord 200 gives single core 515 and multi 1759. wtf google?

Now let's see if they continue to hang on to Chromecast video output or will they finally have USB-C to HDMI output. If not will take a pass-again.