Watch the Apple iPhone 13 announcement here

14 September 2021
The event will be live-streamed on YouTube and can be opened also on Appleā€™s website and Apple TV.

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I have no interest in any of Apple's new products but I do wish they hurry up and release iOS15 to the public already. My iPhone SE 1's battery life is horrendous. If 15 is its final update, I do hope iOS15 does to it what iOS12 did for the 5S. Improve battery life.

  • Anonymous

This year there are going to be some groundbreaking changes in the iPhone

1) New name (13 vs last year's 12)
2) New colors so others can tell it's a 13
3) 5 years of pointless updates that can't match Android but hey, that's five whole years of updates
4) New arrangement of rear cameras, once again, to tell it's an iPhone as there's no other way
5) Upgraded chip that's a whole 50% faster than A10 chip
6) Increased battery so that lesser visits to the wall but beware, the wall is still inevitable

Can't believe Apple is innovating a lot lately. Will buy all of their stock because apple is best

  • Anonymous

No change in looks ?
c'mon apple.

  • AnonD-1003038

[deleted post]You just don't understand iPhone concept, do you? You people only know specs specs specs. Hardware this, hardware that. And when we mention software you instantly flip the tune to "muh Android had this feature 50 years ago" just entirely ignoring every single iPhone gets major updates for 5 years and security updates for up to 8 years. Show me single Android phone that gets security updates anywhere near this long? And what vendor out of all that use Android, release ANY software updates at same time for all users in the world. I used Android for long enough to know all vendors are absolute garbage in this regard with seeding of updates across regions that can span up to a whole freaking month of difference. Imagine US users getting latest Android verison and you're still stuck with existing one for another month just because you live in I don't know, Spain or Taiwan and not US. I can already tell you iOS 15 as it gets announced today, it'll be available to everyone who manually check for update tomorrow or day after (or whatever date they say it'll be released for that matter). It has been this way for 3 years that I have an iPhone. Consistently and without exceptions. Security update iOS 14.8? I've updated it this morning, the moment I've seen news about it. No amount of megapixels and UFS and cores and 15 cameras will ever offer such level of software excellence on any Android phone. And that's why I like iPhone and iOS. And I'm not the only one.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021Little to no innovation. It is least samsung follow removing its charger

[deleted post]and u still care what apple did ...

  • Anonymous

Lol @ 60 Hz, 128GB , sent from from 256GB storage,Popup camera phone

  • Anonymous

here's what will probably change, the processor will be marginally faster.
that's about it

  • Anonymous

13 mini = 2406mAh
13/13 Pro = 3095mAh
13 pro max = 4352 mAh

  • Milan

Last year they change the shape of the edges. This time they will change nothing. 13 will be the same as 12! This is never done and thats why it is best inovation ever! LOL

  • Anonymous

Little to no innovation. It is Apple.