Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro arrive with 108MP cameras, 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED displays

15 September 2021
These are not upgrades to the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro, instead they are lower cost alternatives - the 11T is €200 cheaper than the Mi 11.

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  • Anonymous

yeah!!!! I'm waiting for a new 5" from xiaomi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  • Anonymous

reza, 16 Sep 2021yep, maybe we just need three lens. main, ultra wide, and ... moreYes, people complain ('those stubborn people') that apple has less, and you get more with android, but in fact you get what you need in Apple, and you won't get all of that for Android.
I'm talking about manufacturers, android manufacturers are those who are not Apple, and of course some others like independent phone, lol.

  • Anonymous

You're complaining about size, they (android manufacturers) can't compete against the iPhone Mini or SE, that's why they don't release it.
You're also someone who is totally biassed towards Apple and wont support them.
Would you take a look at the PRICES of iPhones again, cuz I can't really identify the ' huge difference in price tag' that android fans always claim.

Yeah, you always came up with imaginary specs, add in that android costs wayyy less, and you blind yourself in that way.

  • fatjozeee

MindeDevill, 16 Sep 2021I can't understand company, why always come new device... moreyeah!!!! I'm waiting for a new 6" from xiaomi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

I can't understand company, why always come new device with same saze, spec, and nething new, chipset changed all that is new, why can't make same model smaller and bigger, 6.7 inch is always, nothing new again.

Another big phone with hole, boring.

  • reza

UsmanLaghari, 15 Sep 2021Disappointment from the camera, it should have a telephoto ... moreyep, maybe we just need three lens.
main, ultra wide, and telephoto 3x just fine.

  • Reetarred

Features in order of importance.
AMOLED screen, chipset, refresh/sampling rate, battery performance, water/dust proof, 5G compatibility, expandable storage, one good camera with OIS, speakers, BT/wifi/NFC stability, fingerprint sensor.

Xiaomi seems to have a decent package, just wish they sold to the US directly.

Ivo., 15 Sep 2021No periscope zoom - dead on arrival!Lol. Then buy an Realme X3 Superzoom if u want periscope lens so badly

Theo, 15 Sep 2021Sorry Xiaomi, no Telephoto Lens no Flagship!!! These are... moreIphone and Pixel 5 lol

Boo, 15 Sep 2021The 108MP loss the OIS clearly a downgrade from last year 6... moreMi 10T had no OIS

Daany, 15 Sep 2021Even the once humble Xiaomi now removes chargers from the b... moreThis comment is fake. Please remove it

  • Anonymous

The Nord2 is a better value and better phone than the 11T.

  • Anonymous

S21 FE might be better buy

  • UsmanLaghari

Disappointment from the camera, it should have a telephoto lens rather than a 5MP macro camera.

  • Anonymous

RealLifePhones, 15 Sep 2021And why should anyone buy any of these when they are both d... moreTotally agree

  • Anonymous

Theo, 15 Sep 2021Sorry Xiaomi, no Telephoto Lens no Flagship!!! These are... moreMidranges i agree but not the prices

No periscope zoom - dead on arrival!

This phone is sad news for xiaomi fans.

This company used to be about providing good value for money but like all others its starting to go downhill.

  • Anonymous

The only reason for this phone's existence is to flood the news cycle so that sites like GSMArena will bury the Apple announcements :)

The 11T is a dud with mediocre cameras and a poor price to value ratio.