Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro arrive with 108MP cameras, 6.67" 120Hz AMOLED displays

15 September 2021
These are not upgrades to the Mi 11 and Mi 11 Pro, instead they are lower cost alternatives - the 11T is €200 cheaper than the Mi 11.

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  • Anonymous

this phone has no right to exist in 2021.

Glad i bought the Mi 10T Pro. It has an better cameras. Better cameras ,no overheating, and lower price will make up for amoled screem, 120w charging, and the Snapdragon 888.

  • Anonymous

Phone Reviewer, 15 Sep 2021No OIS on the Pro? Seriously? The spec sheet does mention OIS for both variants.

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi gets even worse with each phone, simple things like zoom and the ultra wide getting a major downgrade or doesnt exist like for myself i think those 8 and even 13mp cameras out of these ultrawide are just a nonsense in those "high-end" phones

  • Anonymous

So really, the only two differences between these two are just the chipset and the wired charging rate.

  • Anonymous

Anders, 15 Sep 2021Overpriced, no headphone jack, no micro SD. No buyAll you mentioned you dont find on any of the flagship in the same or higher price range.

If you want headphone jack and SD card slot then you should look for budget to middle range phones as you dont find them on flagships for a long time already

Seems like I'll continue to stay with my Mi 9T Pro for one more year

  • ysn

Daany, 15 Sep 2021Even the once humble Xiaomi now removes chargers from the b... moreYou get 120W with the phone

  • AK

No OIS and 8mp ultrawide.
What were they thinking ?

No OIS on the Pro? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

MI 10t pro is much better, cpu will be much power efficient than Snapdragon 888

Even the once humble Xiaomi now removes chargers from the box and still demands a premium price. When they are struggling they act lowly and understanding but when they become successful from riding on customers backs they suddenly become another Apple incarnation.

Naaaah. I'll wait for the 12 series. I'm still rocking Mi9T Pro and honestly I don't see a reason for an upgrade.

Overpriced, no headphone jack, no micro SD. No buy

Pretty meh, I hope we are getting a xiaomi note 11