Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max bring 120Hz displays, overhauled cameras

14 September 2021
The Apple A15 chipset on the Pro phones has a 5-core GPU, instead of 4-core like on the vanilla models.

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  • Anonymous

So exciting!

  • Socalteknique

So nothing groundbreaking...again lol

  • Anonymous

"This means that in low light the new model can capture up to 2.2x more light"
Apple is likely talking about base Iso, so 2.2x is rather related to perfect light conditions or light conditions with highlights. The full well capacity per unit area is probably better, which allows for a longer exposure time at base Iso.
Regarding light per time (!) it won't capture 2.2 times as much light, but rather 42% more light per time than the 12 Pro Max.

  • Anonymous

Finally they got on par with redmi note 10 pro in the display area.

Totally boring "show"
How it's possible to not announce charging speed?
But I bet apple going to sell it like vaccine from aids

  • Sergiu.ssm

Basically, a 12s-pro max. 😄