Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max bring 120Hz displays, overhauled cameras

14 September 2021
The Apple A15 chipset on the Pro phones has a 5-core GPU, instead of 4-core like on the vanilla models.

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  • cmbo

Asphalt-nation, 14 Sep 2021Great Keynote, best in the business. But "Entirely... moreYou have to realize that people care about stability. The iPhone cameras consistently give great photos and videos, since the software and ISP is way more reliable than any Android counterpart.
What is good design is subjective. The notch houses something that people want. FaceID is a really convenient feature, and is the only biometric unlocking system that is secure. Samsung's version is just a 2D photo scan, while FaceID truly is a 3D scanning.

Customers know that an iPhone will last for YEARS. 7-8 years of software updates. The OS won't feel sluggish anytime soon. You can't say that about any of the competition. Second hand value of an iPhone stays high due to the longevity of the phones. An Samsung phone for instance looses value extremely quick. No one wants a two year old Android, since the user experience would be horrible (no more updates, laggy UI). A two year old iPhone works just as new.

Try to see past your biased hate against Apple.

Finally Apple is catching up seepdly with these upgrades with Android phones, possibly next iterations the 14 Series I would have an iPhone again after iPhone 6s

Apple is having serious directions now on smartphone full options 😊

  • Anonymous

Cambo, 14 Sep 2021Wonder if sensor size is the same for iPhone 13 Pro as for ... moreReally I glad to hear that

  • Anonymous

Asphalt-nation, 14 Sep 2021Great Keynote, best in the business. But "Entirely... moreWith minimum effort , Apple makes much more money than all other combined by selling phones/tablets.

None there feels any reason to spend more budget to make iphone the best at everything.

Nothing is gonna change as long things remain this way.
Zero doubt iphone 13 can sell more than 70 mi units until iphone 14 is announced.

  • jason

Macaulay Culkin, 14 Sep 2021Chasing for those higher numbers that makes very little dif... moreAs a 12 pro max user I can certainly say I agree with your entire comment, higher isnt always better, and smartphone development has long since plataued, the folding market is the next thing or better yet, rollables, but we live in a consumer capitalism society so companies could never switch to a 3-5 year roll out of these devices simply because of their bottom line would tank and stop their race to the top, even if they are already on the top

  • Cambo

Wonder if sensor size is the same for iPhone 13 Pro as for 13 Pro Max.
Sensor size should be around 1/1.7" for the main camera if the pixel pitch is 1.9μm. Can't wait for these!

Great Keynote, best in the business.

But "Entirely redesigned" ?

Then how comes it looks like an incremental upgrade
over last year's iPhone which also was an incremental upgrade over
a device from 3 years ago ?

How come the company that create the most boring, less exciting devices of the entire
mobile industry is also number 3 (Xiaomi just passed them) in smartphone sales worlwide ?
Let alone the N°1 in profit ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2021LTPO is a tech that belongs to Apple. It is also licensed... moreIt means that every phone with LTPO screen sold by any other gives few bucks to Apple.

LTPO was developed for Apple Watch, withboled supplied before by JDi

  • Anonymous

iPhone 12 was 1600 and 4200 on geekbench.

Wonder what this will out up,.

Absolutely beastly.

Curiously still 5nm and not 4nm

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 14 Sep 2021"“ProMotion” is Apple speak for a high refresh rate di... moreLTPO is a tech that belongs to Apple.
It is also licensed to LG to make panels of 13 pro.
13 pro have units with display from both suppliers.

Sharp Aquos Zero II could already drop to 1Hz, before S21 Ultra.

  • Anonymous

"The telephoto camera has a new 77mm f/1.8 lens, so it offers 3x optical magnification over the main cam. This is up from 65 mm/2.5x lens with slower f//2.4 aperture"

1. the f-number of the 77mm camera is 2.8. Nonetheless, the 77mm camera will capture more light per time from distant objects, if the effective aperture diameter is larger than the 12 Pro Max tele camera. The effective aperture diameter is not known currently.
2. No, the optical magnification is surely not 3 times as large as this would require a focal length that is three times as high as the focal length of the main camera. Keep in mind that "77mm" is not the focal length, but the field of view. The media (including Apple's marketing) often confuses focal length and field of view (which can be expressed in mm), but these are different things.
3. Apple hasn't unveiled how many megapixels the "3x" camera has. For example, if the "3x" camera only has 8 megapixels, the angular resolution would be lower than the angular resolution of the 12 Pro Max "2.5x" camera. So I guess that the "3x" camera has 12 megapixels, otherwise "3x" would be a marketing stunt.

  • AnonD-1016461

Well tbh these are good phones

MediaSnap, 14 Sep 2021Video on this phone will be good no doubt. But the phone is... moreTbh, I don't think punch hole looks any better either. Just give me some bezel like current Sony phones or no bezel with pop-up or rotating or swivel camera and I'm all good.

  • Anonymous


Socalteknique , 14 Sep 2021So nothing groundbreaking...again lolWell, the regular iPhone 13 128gb gets double the storage, better battery life and more advanced cameras for the same price as the 12 64gb. Not bad. Still a lot of money for sure.

And also no doubt that this is exactly the same display that samsung has used in S21 ultra. High end High refresh rate LTPO panels mean Samsung

Video on this phone will be good no doubt. But the phone is ugly as hell. Seriously ? A notch in 2022?

  • JustSomeRandomGuy

and no charger in the box

Chasing for those higher numbers that makes very little difference in the real world. Phones should now be upgraded once every 3 to 5 years. Hence, why the improvements coming from the 12 or even 11 are so minimal.

"“ProMotion” is Apple speak for a high refresh rate display. On the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max it can go as low as 10Hz and as high as 120Hz."

I wonder if Apple uses Samsung's LTPO AMOLED screen panel since Samsung is the only one who has that kind of technology to date. Nevertheless, the new 3x zoom telephoto camera is definitely a much-needed upgrade. I just hope that the new chipset and the new camera can improve the overall photo quality. Tbh, I'm not that impressed with the photo quality from last year's model even with the ProRAW option turned on.