Kuo: iPhone 14 Pro models to replace notch with punch hole cutout

21 September 2021
They will also bring 48MP wide cameras.

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  • AnonD-1018330

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021What people seem to not understand is that the only reason ... moreLiterally! Under display camera isn't still stable technology, we saw on Galaxy Z Fold 3 and others that tried. I can't imagine how Face ID would look like if under display camera looks like this.

Leak info directly from Kuo.

  • Anonymous

I like how people are like 'NOOOOO WHY THEY GET RID OF NOTCH NOW IT NO LONGER UNIQUE DESIGN' when the flat sides, non-raised cameras and colors are probably more than enough to make it stand out from other phones... also like how people are moaning about the fact under-display Touch ID isn't coming until 2023, while they're probably adding under-display Face ID to the 14. 'BUT WHAT ABOUT COVID' I'm saying it now, Covid will likely be way less widespread by the time September 2022 comes around.

  • Anonymous

Sadly no more iPhone mini πŸ˜”

  • Anonymous

What people seem to not understand is that the only reason that apple still has that big notch is because of the sensor for the FaceID. I swear to god half of the people who comment here do not think.

  • AnonD-1019096

Imagine in 2022 we have notchless phone with good invisible camera while iPhone still have gigantic notch

  • Anonymous 2.0

L.O.R.D, 21 Sep 2021The vanilla iPhone 14 might have a cutting-edge 90 hz Super... moreLmao

Got it. I'll then try to avoid it if possible

  • AM Bunny

But I love the notch! Makes me as an iPhone user look elegant and smart. How can we live like 4 years ago, Note 10 Plus, Note 20 Ultra... and many others. Apple, please stop!
The notch is the sign of a supremely intelligence and refined design, very useful as well!

The vanilla iPhone 14 might have a cutting-edge 90 hz Super Pro Motion display and an all new notch that is reduced a whopping ten percent in size. The Pro ones will have a groundbreaking punch hole display that are an industry first and also the battery will reach almost little more capacity this time. Be prepared guys cause Apple will introduce some very high-end features next year

  • Anonymous

Some people including ice universe will suddenly like punch holes.. who used to hate on other phones.
They'll say Sammy N other manufacturers were doing since yrs but Apple will implement it perfectly.

Welcome to 2019 for Apple. S10 series already has that long time before🀭

  • Anonymous

If no under-display fingerprint reader then side or back fingerprint reader? I really doubt they have under-display selfie cam and FaceID ready to go.

Apples innovation
Punch hole in 2022
Indisplay fp in 2023
Huge landmark in tech industry πŸ‘

Refined, 21 Sep 2021Honestly the iPhone 12 Pro and soon to be 13 Pro is the mo... moreComparing fold 3 with iphone 13,do u have some brain left or fed them to fruit corporate?

By next year Android will be adopting under display cameras and apple will launch its punch hole device and then call it innovation πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

Point to note ,14 pro models and not the regular ones for sure...just like only 60hz refresh rate in vanilla iphone 13

  • Steve

Apple, 21 Sep 2021Apple won't do that because apple likes to have their ... moreHow about the iPhone 8 and before it? It looked just like any other smartphone back then, with it's huge bezels at the time.
The notch needs to disappear, it just takes space and chew on screen for no reason whatsoever

Is it just me or I noticed the screen is taller?

  • Steve

Nothing New, 21 Sep 2021Welp , now iphone will lose its unique point and looks like... moreDude, the notch is an old tech, it's not symmetrical at all, i don't know how iphone users got used to that monstrosity, punch hole is the way forward until UD ones is perfected, for the first time in my life i think that i will consider an iphone if they do this.
Also not included a fingerprint scanner is a bit of a greedy move, 'ot that it's a surprise tho πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ