Kuo: iPhone 14 Pro models to replace notch with punch hole cutout

21 September 2021
They will also bring 48MP wide cameras.

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  • Anonymous

finally after many many years, another basic android feature will arrive on iPhones as innovation

Refined, 21 Sep 2021Honestly the iPhone 12 Pro and soon to be 13 Pro is the mo... morenice, glad that you liked it. I bet soon after you've insert it in a cheap 10$ case to not damage it and don't forget about that screen protector, you don't want to damage that beautiful Samsung screen.

  • Apple

Apple won't do that because apple likes to have their own identity.
if they put punch hole then it will just look like any other phone. Besides the iphone 14 is 1 year away so take everything with a pinch of salt.

  • Refined

Honestly the iPhone 12 Pro and soon to be 13 Pro is the most luxurious beautiful phone I’ve ever held. The materials and finish is beyond anything you buy. The stainless steel with special coating and frosted glass - you just know it’s something special. I’ve already forgotten about the disgraceful fold3 with its oversized body and underperforming battery- not to mention it’s below average under screen camera.

This iPhone14 will only take apple even further ahead. Can’t wait!!

  • AnonD-1018819

Lol at the newly opened salt mines in this comment section. Also no FaceID is very unlikely and punch hole as well. We all know how the leaks for Apple Watch 7 went with the flat sides that didn't happen at all. And as much as I'd like the flush camera array, it's also unlikely given how no one managed to make it flush recently and making it flush by raising the case depth would make it mega thick. Which is also unlikely.

  • Maria

It is too early but interesting to talk about. Well, Kuo is the nearly best observer (the best one belongs to Apple itself). I just wondsr if there is legendary face ID no more.

No sensors under display, just a S20 copy. They will call it iNnoVatiON

Welp , now iphone will lose its unique point and looks like any smartphone in market right now and notch>punch hole will be no more

  • Essen

Ohhhh. Innovation. Courage.

  • AnonD-1018330

I like the rest of design, it brings iPhone 4 era.

  • AnonD-1018330

I really don't like this punch hole design especially on iPhone, it looks like an android. 😩
I would prefer if they do cameras, face ID and sensors under display over punch hole.