The Realme GT Neo2 will use a thermal paste with diamonds to keep its Snapdragon 870 cool

21 September 2021
Diamond has a thermal conductivity that is five times higher than silver and has previously been used in thermal pastes for PCs.

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  • TuPapi

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021The more powerful chips get, the higher the chance we will ... moreThat's correct Mr. obvious

  • Anonymous

Fact that red magic, ROG, Legion, Black shark phones all are using fan shows that this diamond thing is just a PR. SD870 is already too much cool ths 888SD so they are fooling consumers.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 21 Sep 2021Except that, if the numbers are real, it is amazing and bea... more"Except that, if the numbers are real..."

The only time a Chinese company provides real number about their products is when they accidentally fail at lying.

Well it's a pore use of lo quality Graphen and hi quality adhesive but I hope it will lead to future use of Graphite thermo plastic back plate covers (3D printed favorably). That would be 4fold improvement (less breakable, weight, better thermal dispositionand grip and feal to hold).

this is really COOL bulls... true, the diamond, per se, has an extremely high conductivity coef, but when mixed in paste is a very different story. everything boils down to the size (surface) contact between the diamond particles / powder and adjacent surfaces. colloidal silver and liquid metals are better in this regard. there are quite a few more or less regular thermal compounds that reach at list similar performance, but... the nice sound of ""watch out! diamond thermal paste! " is soooo exciting. and cool :)

  • Anonymous

The more powerful chips get, the higher the chance we will need active cooling for them, even on mainstream phones like Samsung and Xiaomi ones.

The heat in chips goes out of hand here, if we want sustained performance of more powerful chips then active cooling like some phones already had, or like Nintendo Switch has (Tegra gets pretty toasty with passive cooling, even while being much weaker and older) will be a necessity.

I really hope Qualcomm (and Samsung for Exynos) fix that quickly, before active cooling will be a must because phones start to throttle like hell after mere seconds.

870 is cool enough, 888 is absolutely not and if rumors are true 898 shares same issues.

SMIRNAS, 21 Sep 2021such Marketing BS,, just use Thermal Grizzly and optimize... moreExcept that, if the numbers are real, it is amazing and beat hand down Grizzly.
The best regular Grizzly thermal paste, the Kryonaut have a 12.5W/(m.K) thermal conductivity.
On metal based, electrically conductive one, the Conductonaut has a 73W/(m.K) one.
Here, this is a crazy 2000W/(m.K), which is insane in comparison.

Also, diamond is much less rare than you think it is, it has been made a precious mineral as it is shiny, but in reality it is an extremely abundant element that have a lot of unexploited potential mines around the globe, because we have far more than enough of it.
And meanwhile it is the best natural thermal conductor.
In comparison, the second best is Silver, who have a 429W/(m.K) thermal conductivity.
Actually, natural diamond has only a 895W/(m.K) to 1350W/(m.K) thermal conductivity, but synthetic diamond has a 2000W/(m.K)+ one.

The only better option are things like Graphene who has a 3000W/(m.K) to 5000W/(m.K) thermal conductivity and carbon nanotube with a 2800W/(m.K) to 6000W/(m.K) one.

So it is much less fancy and actually much more relevant than you think.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021I didn't even know diamond is conductive, lol.The difference between diamond and graphite is the arrengement.
100% carbon.

I'm guessing its basically just a thermal compound with micro diamond particles, its nothing special, stuff like this available on PCs for a long time...but wouldnt that damage or scratch the surface of the cpu though

  • Anonymous

Diamonds are rare and should not be wasted for that purpose!

  • AnonD-1018819

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021I didn't even know diamond is conductive, lol.They have one of highest thermal conductivity. Issue is, in practice, it's not that great. I don't know why they don't just use Kryonaut which is one of highest performing thermal pastes available. Liquid metal is so so as it's just too volatile and diffuses even into raw copper, is conductive and corrodes everything aluminium.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021I didn't even know diamond is conductive, lol.Same lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2021I didn't even know diamond is conductive, lol.Diamond has the highest thermal conductivity among naturally occurring substances afaik apart from graphene ofc which is man-made

  • Woohoo

FFS have they forgotten about their "dual-flagship" strategy as quickly as they forget about phones released a few months back??
Also anyone in India have any idea from where I can buy the 50W mini SuperVOOC charger (or realme's equivalent) ??

  • Anonymous

I didn't even know diamond is conductive, lol.

  • Anonymous

Whatever.. dont care.. just another Realme marketing BS again.

  • Anonymous

"they help increase heat dissipation by 50-60% compared to typical solutions."

Wow so around 0-1% difference in real life, only so they can advertise the phone with diamond cooling? Very impressive Realme, truly a pioneer in engineering.

such Marketing BS,,
just use Thermal Grizzly and optimize the SoC