Microsoft announces new Surface Duo 2 with Snapdragon 888 and triple camera

22 September 2021
Features new slightly curved dual 90Hz displays.

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Rey571, 23 Sep 2021Microsoft didn't know curved display?to me , this one better ... no need curve just to show off u "innovated"

The dual display is actually pointless. So what if you can run two apps at once? You can do that on one screen. We've had split-screen on Android since Nougat from 5 years ago. The extra just adds more thickness and weight.

Foldables will win out because Samsung has the marketing power to really push it to become mainstream. Now there are still long-term durability concerns with a folding screen while dual displays seems more safe in the long run. But we tried this back in 2017 with the ZTE Axon M. Then again with the LG V60 ThinQ with a certain case. Never caught on.

Samsung will win this decade whether we like it or not. I hated them for years and thought they were a joke from South Korea during the 90s. But they control the foldable display market. They control the supplies. They deserve to win since they've been far more innovative than Apple or Google the last 10 years.

I'm not a Microsoft hater. Used Windows from 1998-2016. Used Windows XP for over 10 years. I liked my original Xbox. Was definitely more powerful than my Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, and GameCube but I preferred those three more. Owned a Samsung Focus, Nokia Lumia 635, and Microsoft Lumia 640.

I was on the Windows Phone bandwagon 10 years ago. I think the Metro UI on the Zune HD (2009) is the nicest UI I've ever seen. It felt different on WP. It looked better on that Zune. But over and over, Microsoft continues to disappoint. My $900 Flip 3 is better than this overpriced device. Same SoC, same amount of RAM, 120 Hz, external display, compact, probably better cameras, and Samsung has way better customer service.

It is a niche device for Techtubers to buy so they have something to talk about for views, likes, and subs. YouTube is just an infomercial for gadgets we don't really need. It's become the Home Shopping Network m

Xbox 360's red ring of death
Xbox One losing badly to the PS4
Windows Mobile
Windows Phone
Surface Duo

Microsoft is a perennial LOSER with products of the last 20 years. They bought SwiftKey and it made it worse. They bought Skype and nobody uses that any more. Any thing they touch, it dies. They're cancer.

They sank Nokia although Nokia was already sinking. Has been losing to PlayStation since 2013 after more gamers realized Sony has wat better exclusives and they were tired playing mostly first-person shooters like Halo and Gears of War.

The first Surface Duo still hasn't received Android 11. Why would you want to trust a company like that? You shouldn't. Microsoft will abandon the Surface Duo line faster than you say Palm Pre, BlackBerry Playbook, Nokia N9, or Essential Phone. It's just a niche product.

Microsoft didn't know curved display?

  • Gandalfdenvite

Do anyone know anyone who have actually bought, or plan to buy, this "phone/notebook/tablet???"?
Using this, whatever it is supposed to be, can only be annoying!

yevgeny, 22 Sep 2021Great design, if it was apple product it would break the ma... moreThe other day I was watching Black Widow...and guess what I saw? She was using a Windows Phone as a burner lol. It looked like a Nokia model...

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it would be much better if it has a foldable screen insted of 2 useless screens

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Is it me or does this design makes for a convoluted way to take a decent photo

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Bezels too thick

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These bezels are not acceptable for fifteen-hundred dollars. People already barely accept them on the basic ipad. This type of foldable is my favorite so far though. But not like this. A made by google one or someone with actual mobile expertise would be bomb.

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Still releasing a new dual-screen smartphone with all the folding ones around? Both the design and specs are outdated, and the price is ridiculous.

  • Nintendont

Introducing the new Microsoft 3DS HD Plus!

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My fold 3 512gb is still better than this microsoft trash.

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  • Anonymous

Love this phone.So incredible....

  • Anonymous

Ugly ass design

  • Loki

The only problem with this is the price and those thick bezels.

  • kek

Hmmmm expensive for what it is.

  • yevgeny

Great design, if it was apple product it would break the market.

Unfortunately for Microsoft , they don't have the fan club . Due to obvious reasons , speasially the death on nokia