EU Commission proposes removing chargers from all smartphone boxes

24 September 2021
Fast-charging information would also need to be clearly provided on all electronics sold in the EU.

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  • Anonymous

Setting up a standard protocol (say USB PD with a maximum output of 30W) for all OEMs while letting them retain their own proprietary protocol is good enough, so you can charge everything with a single charger (with USB PD) and people can still enjoy the best charging experience from those proprietary protocols at the same time if they wanted too.

  • Anonymous

Wayne Morellini, 26 Sep 2021The EU commision could reduce e-waste, and serve the public... moreYour idea is basically killing phone makers mate.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021I always sell my stuff with charger included, and most peop... moreso what does this part that I copied from the text mean?
"Unbundling the sale of a charger from the sale of the electronic device: the Commission says that EU consumers already have an average of three chargers and will only use two."

  • Anonymous

And all android 'fans' are shut down.

What I would like to see is more replacable batteries and mainline/near mainline Linux SoCs. But I don't really care if I get any charger bundled, got lots of them by now.

looks like apple was clever to reach the commission on the charger part when the commission held apple for the usb-c part. don't underestimate people with power and money

  • Wayne Morellini

The EU commision could reduce e-waste, and serve the public, by mandating a minium mobile life of 10 years, average 10-40 years, with updates, swappable batteries, the latest USB with HDMI support, force open standard complete backups of all user data, and encrypted backup of apps to recover or reuse after supplier or stores have ceased supplying re-installs, and continued use on replacement devices. Backup local, backup to be usable to initialise new devices of same operating system, or new operating system (allowing app versions for a new operating system to be downloaded and initialised with the user data from the old system, or for other apps of the same type to use the open data format backups to use the user data). Continued use of apps on new OS version, without update. Complete privacy for the Chancellors phone, and the citizen, from corporate, private or government spying, without an expressed/express linked warrant based on actual illegal activities or those which are actually being done or actually planned, and with uncontested judicial supervision (the most original judge existing in authority, and no other judge, objects to the expansion) of expansion of the warrant's coverage (this would serve most purposes). The warrant in general, open to judicial review to recommend it be passed to a judicial panel for review, as a safe guard. Cost plus 10% on open parts market and repairs. Them the exploiters will have to get real, and do phones properly, as the only way to save money.

Now the EU Commission is trying to get very clever by trying to force companies not to include a charger??? I accept standardized standard of USB C but this dumb idea of not having it included in box is going to far. Who the hell throws away chargers?? It always become useful unless broken.

  • Anonymous

....And by then apple will have removed the port entirely.

  • Anonymous

Hey EU, please aak companies to stop making Smartphones as that will help us in Saving hell lot of E-waste.

And introduce, PCO, STD boxes at each location for communication.

  • AngryLithuanian

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021Next thing you're going to demand is all phones being ... moreI normally don't reply to bots but wtf does your comment even mean?! lol
At least give me something to reply to you waste of time.

  • Anonymous

AngryLithuanian, 25 Sep 2021Get 'em EU ! About time someone's trying to cl... moreNext thing you're going to demand is all phones being sold in blister packs, you'd feel superior about the dumbest garbage ever. You must feel very unfulfilled.

  • AngryLithuanian

Get 'em EU !

About time someone's trying to clean up this charger/charging speed sh!tstorm that we have.

And all of you who cry about the charger not included in the box, get over yourself. You are the part of the problem why we have thousands of tons of that e-waste every year. None of you need a separate charger for every single device you own.

Instead why don't you cry to the companies about not reducing the price of the phone because of reduced accessories in the package?

  • Muks

anotherphone, 25 Sep 2021My suggestion to everyone here is write emails to EU politi... moreIt's best step taken forward towards consumer something better than nothing usb c is not difficult it's your thinking is

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

But I prefer the older USB standard... :

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2021Dude, there is a charger that has 4 USB ports. Just Google ... moreOhh, I see.
Usb hub was my prediction you see.

My suggestion to everyone here is write emails to EU politicians and explain how this is bad for the consumer but also for the environment. I'll do it as well.

  • One and Only

C port charger cable is very difficult to connect our phone with PC , Laptop , TV , charging points and somany places. Bcz somany electric devices are still come with USB B port and very difficult to connect with existing electrics devices. So it's better after 5 years later for USB C port.

  • One and Only

This policy or statement or whatever is most suitable only EU countries, bcz they are the one only using more than 3 phones or averagely using 2 chargers (according to the EU statement). But in other countries (asian countries) maximum number of peoples are using only one phone and only some peoples are using only 2 phones (keypad and touch phone) at maximum level.

  • Anonymous

onesujeet, 24 Sep 2021Do you have chargers in every room?? Do you have separate c... morelol you're not talking for everyone... most people have more than 2.. I personally have one in home, office, car, travelling luggage..