The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might actually be the Note 22 Ultra

25 September 2021
The S22+ could be called the S22 Pro.

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  • Anonymous

I think those edges would hurt your hand for a long time. Feels like uncomfortable when using one handed mode

  • andripams

Next branding should be:
Galaxy S22
Galaxy S22 Pro
Galaxy S22 Note
Galaxy S22 Flip
sound better.

Come on guys, even Samsung doesn't know the final line-up just yet.

  • Anonymous

The corrector, 26 Sep 2021Must be a slow news day. Since when did Samsung ever announ... moreIf anything, the shoddiness required to publish something so wrong would be correlated with a very fast news day, not a slow one. It's still inexcusable though, and not only because it actually *wasn't* a particularly busy news day at all - though that is an aggravating factor.

"Slow news day" means something else.

  • By

ThunderCrackR, 25 Sep 2021One point to make: August 11 was this year's date for ... moreYeah, that sentence was so weird. It makes no sense that somebody would write that unless they have just woken up from a coma or for some other reason have no sense of time to the extreme extent that they don't know what month we are in. It's probably just the result of a case of lazy article-writing, copying and pasting from an older article, but even that seems weird given how everything else in the article must be newly written as it pertains to recent information that could not have been in an older article.
In any case, it's a bit sad to see the articles on here deteriorating in quality on several levels as of late. I hope people point it out to them and (or) they (otherwise) realise it and improve.

  • Siraj khan

Screen flickering of the top most model of Samsung S20 ultra will bring down the company's IMAGE

  • Anonymous

How about...
S22+ / S22 Pro
S22 Ultra
S22 Note

I'm buying the one with the 3.5 mm jack and memory card slot

  • Anonymous

If only this was priced sensibly!

  • Anonymous

Samsung should address first the problem of its older model s20 ultra G of its screen flickering of white and green before promoting new model

  • User

Where are egde panels in samsung flagships???

  • Anonymous

The corrector, 26 Sep 2021Must be a slow news day. Since when did Samsung ever announ... moregsmarena. lol.

  • SamBoy

That's nice! I prefer the boxier design (less cut content at the corners) of the Note series and I was planning to get a new phone next year. My S7 has started to show its age!

  • The corrector

Must be a slow news day. Since when did Samsung ever announce S Range phones in August!!!? February or early March is S Range time.

This naming scheme is more confusing than realme or xiaomi. For real even more confusing then xiaomi or vivo or realme. I'm pretty sure thier gonna release the note 21 ultra/note 22 ultra or something and merge them and ditch s series ultra and just add pro so onyl 2 phones in the lineup.

People are never satisfied, Samsung brings back the Nkte and people still are nkt satisfied LOL... What a jock people

  • AnonD-997333

They should go s22, s22 Pro and s22 Ultra..... But s22 Note instead of Ultra would be a nice gesture to Note fans

  • Anonymous

'moment Samsung fans realize that *all* Note series phones were S series phones + pen post 2015...

No matter what they name it , it is the same series. They always had one series without appreciable differences from 2015 on.

Had they retained their pro features on the Note series (removable batt/storage, 3.5mm jack), I would think it is their non mainstream (pro series) ... Naaah, mainstream features galore. The Note series *is* the S series , post 2015 Samsung made zero attempt to differentiate them apart from adding a pen. And since they have pen support on their S series, they are the by now. Call it Samsung Wave (for those who remember) for all I care, it is a mainstream grade phone through and through. Pro phones are dead for a while.

Maybe foldables give them a new life, but I doubt it. They'd equally try to be slick, sacrificing function for form...

If you sacrifice function for form: Mainstream phone (basically most phones by now)
If you make your phone somewhat thicker/less beautiful, yet add tons of stuff? Pro phone (Foldables... probably).

Process Engr Robbie, 26 Sep 2021I agree with the naming you recommended. S22,S22 pro , S22 NoteSo you mean Samsung will merge the note series with the S series... Then we'll no longer have the note event in August?

Roy, 26 Sep 2021How did you measure your battery health?Yeah, how did he measure his phones battery health

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2021I'm confused, the S series normally gets announced in ... moreIt's a leak not an announcement