The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might actually be the Note 22 Ultra

25 September 2021
The S22+ could be called the S22 Pro.

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August? It's October. Surely they are not telling us August 2022?

Also if they merge, I guess they are ditching the S series if that's the case? Wowee Samsung trolling us hard 😂

  • Valdas

Valdas, 26 Sep 2021... yeah... yet sounds too complex for me...I mean Note+Ultra for the same device... Note is just Note... for most it is clear that Note is better than Ultra or Pro Max...

  • cyber

now is september,which august ⛈️🙈

  • Valdas

HAR, 26 Sep 2021S22 S22 Pro S22 Note Ultra... yeah... yet sounds too complex for me...

  • Valdas

Aadrian, 25 Sep 2021Best to call it Note, the Note name established brand recog... moreYeah... same story... Note8 still runs the show in my hand...

  • Anonymous

I'm confused, the S series normally gets announced in Jan or Feb.

If the S22+ could be called the S22 Pro, it should better have a more different hardware spec than the vanilla S22. The current S21 and S21+ only differs in display size and battery capacity, everything else is just the same.

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2021you can use type c headphone, bt stylus ? it's more im... moreSorry, but Type-C earphones doesn't universally work with all phones.

Yuri84, 25 Sep 2021I'll take a headphone jack over stylus any day. Having... moreMe too as well. I have my dad's old Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which I use for custom ROM activity, but I never ever use the built-in stylus. I use the stylus more on tablets than on smartphones. The headphone jack still remains truly relevant as I'm listening to music and podcasts all the time. I don't use a dongle because it looks like a hanging thread (which I really hate) and it blocks the wired charging.

First good decision since TM Roh took over the Samsung mobil devision. Keeping the iconic and loved Note brand for the best device and therefore admitting the S series is now their 2nd tier flagship line with all those downgrades to screen and battery

talha5007, 26 Sep 2021its more logical for samsung to rename S22+ to S22 Pro, as ... moreI agree with the naming you recommended. S22,S22 pro , S22 Note

What August? It's almost October.
S22 / S22+ / S22 Note Ultra. Yes, the Note is a big tradition for Samsung fans
but the word Ultra is stronger and it will illuminate the Note comeback.
Provided that the Spen will be included.

its more logical for samsung to rename S22+ to S22 Pro, as the Ultra will be replaced by Note, so next big for S series will be S22+ so better name it Pro to present it as S flagship.
renaming Ultra to Note will keep Note Legacy alive and fans happy.

  • Anonymous

Olym1mk2, 26 Sep 2021More note 21. Learn your numbers, gsma! Do you understand what 22 means?

Samsung should drop "Galaxy" already. Every damned device they ever pushed out has been named Galaxy something, we get it... I like the idea that the Note becomes "part" of the S series, it really didn't need its own line anyway and 2 flagships a year is also kinda cheap and unfair to consumers.

  • Roy

Adegbenro, 25 Sep 20211. Galaxy S22. 2. Galaxy S22 Plus. 3. Galaxy S Note 22.... moreHow did you measure your battery health?

  • Maria

I really care about the price, rather than name. If I can have a suggestion for Samsung, I would name: S22, S22+ and S22 (Note Edition).

More note 21. Learn your numbers, gsma!

  • K

Non250, 25 Sep 2021I prefer ,,Galaxy S22+" because i don't see the p... moreTrue.

  • HAR

S22 Pro
S22 Note Ultra