Weekly poll: did you put a screen protector on your phone? What about a case?

03 October 2021
Screen replacements can be rather pricey. Also, dropping your phone can break its camera too. 

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  • Anonymous

I'm not the type to apply a screen protector or case, but the fact that oily smudges on the screen and camera lenses can trigger me, I had no choice but to have both applied...

  • Spike

Note10+. Scratches on the manufacturer installed thin screen protector and am happy. The Otto case has worked miracles on the phone and even protecting the screen. The slight very slight elevation is all it needed!

  • Anonymous

Running a Z Flip 3 Im not allowed to remove the protector - which is a shame, since Samsung themselves put the protector on my phone slightly off. It looks and feels horrible. Wish there was an easy solution for foldables. Before running the Z flip 3 I ran every screen naked without any scratches. I used a sleeve with micro fibre inlay (raedan, a german brand) though, which are awesome to protect and clean the screen without any hustle.

Nicolas F, 04 Oct 2021Why should a phone look "not ordinary and boring"?Well, that's a complete misunderstanding of the usage of practical materials being boring. Sadly lots of people assume that if an object is in the first place designed to be practical it will also be boring or bland. It takes that extra effort to make a good combination of both worlds but apparently designers are only into creating as much bling as possible for the money resulting in a beautiful object but completely impractical in usage. You can design a phone (or any object) that looks good but doesn't lose focus on usability. For a smartphone, you can have a shiny metal frame if you combine it with a rubbery backplate. If you're into glass shizzle, the same rule applies. Use a rubbery, grippy frame in combination with a glass backplate with structured surface. Too me personally, give me back the all alloy unibody designs with rubber inlets and/or borders or even the Lumia 800 plastic unibody designs with mass colored plastics (no paint).

Kangal, 04 Oct 2021I don't think most people want to cover their phones. ... moreMost and majority are the same.. So putting on a screen protector and a case are necessary for a lot of people.

tbh a month i dropped my phone and i thought i cracked the screen but my screen protector took the fall and my phone was fine, so yeah its a necessity. If i didnt have the screen protector i would ve paid really high for my phones broken screen

You know my last phone, Redmi 2 Prime had a plastic cover on with a Asahi Glass Dragontrail screen glass... and I never used a case on it, it was thin but it was confidence inspiring, with replaceable plastic back cover.

Then they made developments.... and we entered the modern world... now I don't dare to roam with my LG G8x without a case as its glass all around...
I don't care the IP rating, I don't get the confidence simple.

And an overwhelmingly large majority agrees with my vote: a silicon case and a glass screen protector...
But a big majority of us opposed Samsung when they made S21 plastic... we customers are pampered fools, am I right?

[deleted post]I don't think most people want to cover their phones.
The majority do so, because they want the added protection, because phones are really fragile, expensive to buy, expensive to fix, and are vital to our everyday lives. The majority agree: a phone in a case still looks better than a phone with a cracked glass.

The other side of the coin is for personalising their devices. Some cases allow you to put your photo like family members, others have neat visuals, and some just prefer the texture. I think some cases are better than others. But this probably isn't the reason why most people cover their phones.

The very niche portion (or the rim of the coin) are devices which are built with a permanent case attached to it. Something like the new Nokia XR20, Kyocera DuraForce 2, Sonim XP8, CAT phones, or the Samsung Galaxy S-Active or XCover devices.

I'm going to play devils advocate and say: phone internals are good enough for almost all people so you're mostly paying for the finish and why cover that up?

  • Anonymous

I have a silicone case on my phone, an original one from samsung.

Anonymous, 04 Oct 2021That's very true. Behind a case even a 1000$ phone loo... moreWhy should a phone look "not ordinary and boring"?

  • Anonymous

atichko, 04 Oct 2021I don't understand designers. Why the hell design a ni... moreThat's very true. Behind a case even a 1000$ phone looks just ordinary and boring

  • BToastieX

I've used proper cases and screen protectors and even sleeves on top of the protection, on all phones since the S2 came out.
Phones are unfortunately very expensive in many countries and decent repair centers and replacement parts are not easy to come by, so that is also quite expensive and not worth the effort sometimes.

I think many people prefer that the very expensive device they work really hard for and save money for a long time to buy, stays in a pristine condition for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, the masses prefer slippery shiny, and fragile things because they look pretty, So that is what the manufacturer designs and builds for them. They do not think about the durability and longevity of the devices they sell because then they wouldn't be selling as many in the first place because people would keep them for longer.

  • Anonymous

If an impact is going to break the screen, it will break the screen whether u have screen protector or not..

If an impact is not going to break the screen, it will not break the screen but will break the screen protector if u have it on..

Therefore having screen protector is a waste/scam especially since your phone is already using gorilla glass..

My phone has been in service for 4 years, never has screen protector on, only hairline scratches appear on the gorilla glass.. Is it worth to protect your screen from hairline scratches yet u are prevented from enjoying the phone's screen for all those years?

  • Anonymous

I drop my phone every week. Glass protector saves screen every time which is available at 39 rs to 100 rs(less than 1 $).

one of the largest and also dumbest thing in the tech industry, producing more trash and wasted money.
screen protectors made sense back then when phones used to have plastic as an LCD display protector and the plastic screens were easy to scratch, dulling the display.
phone cases makes the phone heavier and wider, while hides the fragile glass back which its main purpose is for aesthetics or to make it look expensive.
phone cases has "some" use on iPhones because of the more fragile design of iphone displays, high cost of iphones and repairs, but that this problem is mostly Apple's fault.

I don't understand designers. Why the hell design a nice object to stuck it in an ugly piece of plastic or rubber or whatever. Why do people still look at the looks first and completely forget about practicality. I'm convinced that if aliens would watch us, they would broadcast throughout the universe not to come to earth. "These humans are simply nutcases" would be the message. Are we so depending on how someone else sees us going by what we wear, use...? Give me a sturdy, practical device made out of materials that can cope with the harshness of your activities. That's why I love the Nokia XR20, and others of this kind,so much. Come on people, they are just phones, not design objects to put behind glass where you're affaid to use it, certainly when it costed you lots of money.

  • TheMan

I use a ruggedized case on my Note 9, but because of the daft curved screen protection isn't what it should be. Screen got damaged, replacing it is 250+ Euro. So it's not happening. Looking for a flat screened phone now.

  • Anonymous

Makay Chapulets, 04 Oct 2021I only use a case and screen protector when my phone is new... moreSame here. Only puts it when buying a new phones but when the case and screen protector wears out then I never replaces it. Then just use it as it is.

  • Anonymous

KabeerV, 04 Oct 2021I don't use a screen protector nor a case. It spoils t... moreI agree with you 💯