Apple readying a handheld console to compete with Nintendo Switch

12 October 2021
Major studios already developing games for the new console.

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  • jason

as long as it brings proper gaming experience, and not mobile games simply on a new console, simply because most mobile app/games are just garbage with never ending IAP and zero story lines, give me a proper football game with console graphics, and proper leagues, give me a racing game that doesnt suck and look like its from the 90s, proper titles and I am sure this thing would sell well, or how about a proper 1 person story mode on call of duty, just a few examples of how dire modern mobile games are, I am also happy to pay for these as well if the quality and quantity are there

I bet it gonna be in shape of Credit Card reader....

  • unknown

daredevil1, 13 Oct 2021"compete" Big LOL. Theres no competition with ni... morelol. remember nokia had no competition ? lmao

Sablenk, 13 Oct 2021"Dethrone Nintendo", really? I've heard this... moreYeah, remember PSVita? Lol. PSP did make a solid attempt but still.

It can have its place, but I doubt that will make numbers high as Nintendo, people just fall in love with theirs IPs. Choose a better name than Xbox (I practically play only on Xbox, but the brand is awful).

  • daredevil1

"compete" Big LOL.
Theres no competition with nintendo. Its not about the hardware, its the software. F*** those bulls*** casual a** games for mobile.

  • Ruutu

They already have a handheld console, the iphone. Sell an apple controller and pour some money into killer app development and there you go.

Bring it on Apple.

  • Sablenk

"Dethrone Nintendo", really? I've heard this phrase, or similar, like nintendo killer, and so on, since gameboy. And now until the Switch, Nintendo is still strong, where are the other handheld console?

  • Anonymous

"Yeah, let's try Pippin again 25 years later, this time it'll be a great success!"Apple is seriously losing their shit.

Apple is a company about making products. They're not a service company like Google. So they're creating a new product in another industry once smartphones starts hitting a decline.

  • Anonymous

It'll play iOS games? Where's Fortnite, lol?

  • Anonymous

Since Nintendo owns Pokemon, Mario, Zelda and most of the top 1st party games nothing can compete to them. It’s not not really about how powerful the console are. Like damn the switch is 1080p 60fps docked in almost 2021 while other competitors ready for 8K and still can’t compete with Nintendo in terms of sales and best sellers.

Zero, 12 Oct 2021Wondering if this console is exclusively online or can be o... moreIt kind of hurts to see you say the A14 is "old." :(((

  • Anonymous

noo, 12 Oct 2021Dethrone Switch? haha Cookie must be on new hybrid grass. A... moreMicrosoft CEO laughed at iPhone, when its is introduced..
People laughed at iPad was just a giant iPhone..
Meme was made AirPods when it first came out.. like sticking toothbrush in your ears.
Apple watch came out.. people was confused, will it be able to compete with the health trackers and premium watches?

In each cases, it perform better than expected, and it moved those industry onward.. pushing ever better product for end consumers, spawn tons of clones and wannabes.

I hope this will smack the current console makers up.. and give gamers more choice and better advancement. And hopefully Google will come in for the fun also.

  • Anonymous

Doubtful. It will sell because it's apple and it will probably be alright. But we'll see.

Anonymous, 12 Oct 2021So what’s the iPad to you 🤡Apple's implementation of split screen multitasking on ipad is extremely poor and handicapped compared to Android

so, by slapping Switch-type control panels on their latest iPad Mini?

  • Anonymous

LunarEnemy, 12 Oct 2021Since apple have the A15 which in theory is powerful as a P... moreApple bionic A15 as powerfull as Xbox one s fixed (1.3 Tflops )

  • Anonymous

iPod touch 8th gen?