Sony and Meizu are partnering up to bring Flyme apps and features to Xperia phones in China

15 October 2021
These will be pre-installed on future devices, current owners will be able to download them after installing the October firmware update. 

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Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021Xiaomi users hate all other brands. If xiaomi was only ... moreSony lover has no business judging Xiaomi which is taking over the market.
Sony has been left into irrelevancy by Chinese brands. You will have to live with that fact for years to come.

Finaly Sony is evolving a little but i am still thinking pure android experience is always way better than any stupid UI.
Same goes for most others brands apart Oneplus One.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021- Samsung has many in-house stuff. They get good prices. Al... moreI know all that, but as I said, right now, I want more from the user Xperia. What sony offer for the asking price, is, for me (and apparently a lot of other people, probably by marketing but that wasn't my case), not enougth. But I'm glad for the no punchole, the 3.5mm and some other things too. As daily though, for me, again, not enough in my liking. And if only they could offer some more integration like Samsung did it with OneUI with some smart features and so on (I know that Sony has some too, I started on a Xperia Ray all the way to a Z5 Compact and a Xperia Tablet along in the middle), because it makes my life easier :P

And I don't diminish the quality or anything else from Sony, even though I had my faire share of problem with devices, but these were the first times of waterproofing heh :D

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GregLu, 16 Oct 2021I didn't say it was wrong, but just better polished in... more- Samsung has many in-house stuff. They get good prices. Also, costs in South Korea are lower than Japan. Everything from Korea is cheaper (this is why Sharp cant get as much oled sales as Lg and Samsung despite better tech).

- Chinese phones are full of local components to decrease price. It is bizarre that hardware of iphone 13 pro is near $150 more than mi11. Despite better cam, screen, more ram and larger battery used by xiaomi

You pay $1300. This is Alpha team working on the phone. This is people from Sony Pictures working on screen (each unit is factory calibrated, unit by unit, not even their tvs have this benefits from Pictures) people from Sony Music responsible for the audio (DSEE Ultimate is not even available for Walkman , just xperia. Also the 360 audio that works with speakers now).

Some stuff you can do with Cinema Pro, not even their 📷 have (only two of them can do 10bit and 4K@120 , none have those colour effects).

All the tools to preserve battery health like Qnovo, Adaptive charging, Heat Supression (not only games can use it).

It is about user experience (that is where xperia name comes from), not competion to show who has more this or more that (RAM, storage, brightness and charging) like some brands do because they cant even build identity.

This is nothing cheap. Employees in Japan are expensive (there is no more the team in Sweden like few years ago). Sony Electronics do not get discount for the exmors. And considering Sony does not sell much devices, it is impossible to get discount from suppliers.

Be sure that many flagships from other brands have higher profits per unit than 1iii and 5iii.

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Buuu, clean android is the way to go Sony!

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Meizu bigger than Sony

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Dennis.K, 15 Oct 2021first they make the 1 iii available in china first then th... moreOr they simply have the data that their handsets sales are booming in China so they wanted to make sure they ride that wave. US always gets devices dead last which tells us that's the market they sell the least units.

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2021Nothing wrong with cam. People need to stop with obssessio... moreI didn't say it was wrong, but just better polished in the past, the UX mainly, with a lot of usefull apps that along the years, got cancelled. Probably too pricey to maintain. Wrong move from Sony, as it shows now :)

I prefer usually Sony tone in general but still, 1300 for that ... And I loost some functions, some that I really like, some that i don't care, from my Note10+. The S Spen is not the subject here ;-) (I hardly use it anymore, was useful when needed though)

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[deleted post]Hate so much japanese products that Xperia weibo account has more than 4 million followers. Sony earbuds are always out of stock.

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GregLu, 15 Oct 2021If Sony could focus on HW and polished soft for the camera ... moreNothing wrong with cam. People need to stop with obssession with HDR and oversharpening.
Without HDR, all other would sacrifice background to expose properly the subject like all cameras do.

People from 📷 team are responsible for xperia. They know what they are doing.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021I don't mind from this partnership .. hope this will f... moreIf Sony could focus on HW and polished soft for the camera and such so other ppl could make the design/skin ... But I wonder if Sony "heart" will be diminshed. And I'm saying this in a fan, in the past because right now there isn't anything remotly interesting or it's way too high for my liking; I don't want to spend more than a thousand, which is already a large amount, but the smartphone has took a large place in daily life too ...

The XA2 family after Android 9 upgrade they had the api2 camera's exif of ZTE. This partnerships were old... Sadly some were such crap. Hope Sony knows what he's doing!

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Anonymous, 15 Oct 2021People in China want android skin that pretend to be iOS. ... moreMost OSes in China incorporate elements from both iOS and Android which is preferred as that gives more choice and ultimately more functionality.

They don't care as much about getting that pure android experience or other more superficial elements.

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I don't mind from this partnership .. hope this will fruit something interesting... More than just the software deals...

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GregLu, 15 Oct 2021So after all this time of pure android and they strip a lot... morePeople in China want android skin that pretend to be iOS.
This is why OnePlus and Realme will have Oppo UI in China.

Goddess Lyrienne, 15 Oct 2021I hope these can be hidden... I had a Meizu. (pro 7 plus). ... moreI had it too for my niece but it was on a 2-300 EUR phone. That wasn't glorious, and it was just 2 year tops.

So after all this time of pure android and they strip a lot of Sony features ... To bring back some of them through Meizu ? Well, money well spent I guess.

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blue.sun, 15 Oct 2021Sony is definitely dying. Well... glad that I haven't ... moreXiaomi users hate all other brands.

If xiaomi was only brand around, we would be all using micro USB, full HD screen, phones with high SAR, multitask unable to handle more than 6 apps despite 12GB ram etc ...

Gladly there are other.

Of all companies you couldve gone too, u pick Meizu?

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SD888+ for the upcoming device.