EU denies Apple allegations that moving to USB-C will stifle innovation

15 October 2021
The EU responds to Apple's claims about stifling innovation when moving to USB-C.

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Lol Apple, stifle innovation in what way? If anything, the USB-C port is much more universal than Lightning. If it wasn't for the USB-C port, we won't have Android Desktop Mode in general alongside its standalone iterations like Samsung DeX, Huawei Easy Projection, LG Screen+, and Motorola Ready For.

    stiffle innovation ?? LMAO
    People see no innovation again in newest iphone 13. Pro motion is 120Hz come from android several years ago.

    Cinematic~~ dont need it , im not film director

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      • 15 Oct 2021

      Well, Apple did in fact release a commercially available modern, fully reversible connector 2-3 years before anyone else and they rolled it out on all products unlike USB-C which was only sprinkled around on most expensive stuff where cheap was stuck on microUSB till very recently). So, they do have a merit on innovation. On the other hand, it sucks to have bunch of connector standards (currently 3 being actively used, microUSB, USB-C and Lightning). Sucks to a point microUSB needs to be gone as fast as possible so we only have USB-C and nothing else.

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        • 15 Oct 2021

        Yes, it was an excuse for Apple to make more money. But there is one problem switching to USB C =

        1. Previous Iphone users will complain about Apple not providing charger because they don't have USB C cables and they will be mad that Apple is making money out of them

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          • 15 Oct 2021

          Well..! They will make next iPhone without charging port. But they may put usb-c on new mag-safe charging doc.