[Edit: Target Promo] Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro US prices leak - $599 and $898

18 October 2021
Edit: Target promo leaks, revealing customers who pre-order will get a free pair of Google Pixel Buds A-Series.

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Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021600$ for 90hz display?? No thanx Better than Iphone 13 $829 with 60hz???

Noel, 19 Oct 2021I hope Google is ready to make a lot of these if that price... moreHaha. I don't know what universe you live in but all pixels has failed - apart form 4a which was cheap. People don't want to pay flagship prices for a pixel phone.

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Anonymous, 19 Oct 2021600$ for 90hz display?? No thanx Terminal case of spec wh0re.

Techtubers and folks who make reaction videos are similar. Fake enthusiasm. The Normies have as fake enthusiasm as iJustine.

Looks like Google is trying really hard to sell these. Too bad it won't really matter. It's always going to be Apple vs. Samsung in the United States and Apple has been winning. Android is barely beating iOS.

Razr 5G Fan, 18 Oct 2021If Google sold the Pixel 7 for $299 like the Nexus 4 and 5 ... more300? You know they are a company, right? Google is not charity. Do you think the company which pretty much own the f*сking internet search want to make a name for them. This phone lineup exists to showcase Android features.

i0S.- Never.- Again, 19 Oct 2021Apart from the camera, there is nothing exciting on these p... moreWith software experience that doesn't suuuuuuck, if you are ohk with 90hz display it looks like a good phone

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600$ for 90hz display?? No thanx

  • Noel

I hope Google is ready to make a lot of these if that price is right. Looks like they are getting ready to disrupt the flagship price scale.

[deleted post]I agree, though i only check the comments for the funniest stuff people say 😂

very cheappp

notafanboy, 18 Oct 2021Amazing prices. I'm no Google fanboi but this is reall... moreApart from the camera, there is nothing exciting on these phones.

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Google should expand or focus more about marketing on the smartphone worldwide including Singapore as it is one of the most valuable brandings. Otherwise fewer people will get in the hands.

Razr 5G Fan, 18 Oct 2021Pixel 6 for $600 sounds like a pretty good deal to me when ... moreThe Pixel 5 is a year old now so it is roughly $600, the SAME as the Pixel 6. Do you know what that means? You could get a Pixel 6 at the same price, while having LOADS of better features, like better main and ultrawide camera, better performance, speakers, battery and charging, brighter screen!

svt, 18 Oct 2021Sounds about right for that disappointing cpu performance.This is just the start of a long journey, soon they will tweak performance over the years and make it better and better. Mark my words.

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021Only normal people realize that Google Pixel is always be a... moreNo no you guys are misinterpreting this. The Pixel 6 PRO is leaked at $898, not the baseline 6, the PRO, the one that will compete with the big boys, the S21 Ultra, the iPhone 13 Pro max, and for that price, I think it will be a stunner deal.

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2021Pixel wont rise in the level with Xiaomi on selling phones.... moreGoogle already has the A line to go head to head with many midrangers. Now they are trying something different. Something ambitious. They are going all in and competing with the best of the best, something they haven't done for years, will they finally deliver? We'll see.

Razr 5G Fan, 18 Oct 2021Pixel 6 is the real value. Cheaper than the Pixel 5 by $100... moreI disagree, rollable phones are pretty cool, and you won't be seeing any creases like you see in foldable. How is a motor wear and tear? Ask someone with a Oneplus 7 Pro as it has motorised selfie camera and it should be functioning just as fine, unless you open the phone up and pour dust into it.

AverageIndianUser, 18 Oct 2021so pixel 6a is definitely in works i guess?Yes, Pixel 6a will be a very good deal. Read my comment: https://www.gsmarena.com/google_pixel_6-reviews-11037p2.php#6463115

Me, 18 Oct 2021I’m in with the P6 if true. The S21 FE is taking time getti... moreOh, get Pixel 6 definitely, as it is a BIG upgrade over the Pixel 5. S21 FE will not be worth it as it is not even an upgrade over the year old S20 FE which you can get at a sweet deal.

bob, 18 Oct 2021what a rip off, the only one with hardware worth having is ... moreHave you seen the specs of the Pixel 6 Pro? Check it right now on Gsmarena. This thing will compete with S21 Ultra despite being hundreds of dollars cheaper. Across the board with display, cameras, battery, performance (after tweaks), even build and speakers!