Asus announces Android 12 release schedule for ROG Phone and Zenfone series

22 October 2021
The Zenfone 8 will be the first in line to receive the Android 12 stable update.

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I'm surprised to see a second OS update for ROG Phone since neither the first-gen nor the second-gen model got it. Shame that the Zenfone 6 couldn't receive the Android 12 OS update since Samsung and Google can give it to the Galaxy S10 series and Pixel 4 alongside 4 XL respectively.

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    • 22 Oct 2021

    rip zenfone 6

      Did have a feeling my zenfone 6 wouldn't get android 12. Oh
      well can't complain. Shipped with Android 9 and got android 10 and 11. For a company that mobile phones isn't their main market/target audience I think they did well. £500 well spent, only reason why I'm even considering a new phone is because the camera module has stopped working and I can't take photos . 3 complete different phones but Pixel 6, 11T pro and Samsung a52s 5G are all on my radar

        Seriously, they have the best software updates among gaming phones. I almost got the 5 Pro instead of the Xperia 1 iii but I do prefer the aspect ratio that makes more sense along with MicroSD card slot.