Sony Xperia 10 III is now sold without a charger in the box in some markets

22 October 2021
You do get a proportional price cut, however.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Plug it into the USB port of your computer. Who still charg... moreMy computer is a laptop. I don’t want to bust the battery of my laptop to save three fiddy on a wall plug

Sony gotta release an epic Pro ultra max no compromise compact phone in 2022. Now that everyone is making one, why shouldn't Sony. And They very well know how to do it. And please please please release our across globe. Not in select markets.

Darknoor, 23 Oct 2021Please be a matter of fact this is exactly the way i'm doing: plugging the phone in the nb's usb. via the same cable used for the external drives, recharging the mouse and the keyboard, aso. the charger i got with the recently bought xperia is still in the box. also the ups has a couple of usb ports, as most of the wall plugs in the house

So 10 off for charger which under Sony brand cost equal to apple one???
Sony is joke it always was and now they are even more joke.
But its a their way how to hammer nails to their coffin so i will let them live in the doom and torture they ceating for them selves.

  • KK

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Plug it into the USB port of your computer. Who still charg... moreYou know that 90% people put their phone to charge before sleeping, right? You want us to keep the computer running all night?

Darknoor, 23 Oct 2021And buying a charger that was made in a careless factory, s... moreSpeaking of reducing waste, this is how it should be done:

We all still get the essential accessories inside the box, while being able to save the environment at the same time.

YUKI93, 23 Oct 2021On one hand, it's hard to believe that even Sony follo... moreThe difference here is that unlike Apple and Samsung, Sony is leaving the choice to the users on whether they want to have a charger in the box or not, and also give a price cut for those who will not get the charger.

This is how it should've been done in the first place anyway. It's quite sad to see that Sony is getting flamed for this but Samsung and Apple can easily get away with their worse actions just because they are popular.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Think of sustainability and reducing electronic waste or eff off.And buying a charger that was made in a careless factory, shipped via long distance CO2 emitting trucks and packaged in in the original box, inside the packaging box, filled with paper to make it stay still.
Neat. You all bought the scam that is "saving the environment" and these phone makers dance with their money showering on them.

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2021Reduces the price of the phone by €10 and then proceed to s... moreIf you're in your right mind, you would obviously choose the option to have the charger in the box because the option to not have the charger is entirely up to the user's choice.

It is a choice that you have, not something that you are forced to do like with Samsung and Apple.

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Plug it into the USB port of your computer. Who still charg... morePlease be kidding.

  • Anonymous

Reduces the price of the phone by €10 and then proceed to sell a €20 charger.

What Sony probably wanted to say was due to Chip Crisis, they are forced to increase the selling price of retail box to continue making their profits. But they can't say it, so instead they removed the charger.

I think it's a clever strategy since increasing the price of an aging phone would attack backlash, but you can get away with it by removing the charger.

  • Anonymous

no!!! well, what i am expecting is a replacement of the "bundled" charger which is quite slow...
but they just removed it altogether...
not that my charging brick on my first xperia, miro, is not working... nor the most recent 1 ii...
but i used to charge with the brick and cable that came with the phone...
so, you mean i have to use my 1 ii charger to my next xperia if this continues?
oh no...

  • Alpha

there are two key words here "Some Markets" and "Price Cut" so this is justifiable! Sony didn't remove it like Crapple and Shamsung

Oh Ma gosh people are so damn st*pid. RIP to sony for 'partially' removing chargers which others have been doing for years?

The hate this Particular brand gets, I totally don't understand it. Although they clearly gave a discount too but De*th to Sony because that's better.

I doubt you're the only one who buys Xperias if you even have any, however I'll keep buying them. Get a life.

  • cyber

sony chargers cost 20 euro,lying bastards cuts only 10

DMX, 22 Oct 2021How crazy is this world, to sell you a phone that needs to ... moreYou know what's even crazier? Fairphone was actually the first to do this kind of thing since the inception of the company itself and yet no one bat an eye on them. It's only when Apple did the same thing that everyone followed suit. Ironic much?

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2021Who would still buy sony at this time? I was once a sony fa... moreA friend of mine recently traded his Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra for a brand new Sony Xperia 1 Mk3. So really, there are still buyers out there.

On one hand, it's hard to believe that even Sony follow Apple's footsteps. But then again, they did remove the headphone jack before until they put it back in the second-gen Xperia 1 and Xperia 5 model. On the other hand, considering that the 10 Mk3 doesn't do super-fast charging, any reputable third party charger can do the job nicely.

rizki1, 23 Oct 2021yes, for Sony fans, they are proud that they have a micro S... moreSony did remove the headphone jack before with the XZ2 series, XZ3, and 1 alongside 5. Did they continue doing it for 2020 1 Mk2 and 5 Mk2? No, they didn't. So really, it's very unlikely that Sony will remove either the headphone jack or the microSD card support. They do know that not everyone will go all wireless. Even I have gone back wired for music.