Four new Snapdragon chipsets unveiled for mid-range and entry-level phones

26 October 2021
The Snapdragon 778G+ and 695 will cater to the premium mid-range market, while the 680 and 480+ aim at more affordable models.

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  • Muthu

Cris Jim, 27 Oct 2021So what would be your explanation?Come on, you should be able to calculate that yourself, i.e. 168%.

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021120% of 140% is not 160%So what would be your explanation?

  • Anonymous

Cris Jim, 27 Oct 2021No! Actually the 778G+ now has the more powerful CPU & ... more120% of 140% is not 160%

No! Actually the 778G+ now has the more powerful CPU & GPU compared to the 780G, remember 778G has 40% GPU bumped from 768G while 780G has 50% GPU bumped from 768G while this new 778G+ has 20% GPU bumped from 778G so the total GPU performance of this new 778G+ has 10% more Performance compared to the 780G GPU

  • Gusta

Syn, 27 Oct 2021I don't get the point of 778G+. It's basically 78... more778G and 778G+ are made by TSMC (6nm).
780G is made by Samsung (5nm).

why are they still working on 400 series. there were hardly any phones launched with SD480.... mostly nokia or motrola were the only buyers..... they should be using SD 695 to compete in budget chipset category if they wanna beat mediatek's growing share in budget phones.... make 695 cheaper

  • Raimi Stereo

Nokia is chomping at the bits when they see the new SD480.

I don't get the point of 778G+. It's basically 780G now. The only real difference between 780G and 778G was the GPU performance, which is now basically non existent with the update.

  • Inve

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021Snapdragon forever and always. If you want stability of course.Qualcomm and their Snapdragon chipsets have larger total number of security issues than other manufacturers, and the issues are almost always "very high" or "critical" rating. You can see this on Google Android security updates for yourself.

Snapdragon are the most insecure and most vulnerable to hacking today.

  • an0n

[deleted post]Nah, they won't do that. "Love me" ads is already cringe enough for manufacturer that sold almost every phones with sd480.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2021Imagine defending Mediacuck in 2021. They literally lie on ... moreI just heard from Anandtech that Xiaomi is also trying to cheat benchmarks, including the Snapdragon version. What about that?

HMD will embrace the 480+ and call their phones "flagship". smh.

  • Anonymous

What a shame. There are still no Wi-Fi 6 on mid-range chips starting SD695 and and below, still no AV1 hardware decoding even on flagship SD chipsets, no main in some countries 5G band 79 in qualcomm modems.

  • Muthu

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021The 680 is low-key really interesting to me. 6nm version of... moreSD 680 is more like 2017 chip (SD 660) in 6nm process node. Yeah, should be a battery life champion on low-end phones. I agree with another poster who mentioned that it should have been named as SD 666 for clarity purpose. I guess Qualcomm doesn't want people to identify the hierarchy of the SoC just using the name, hence gave this a higher number (SD 680) than SD 670, 678 which are far better in single-core performance.

  • Anonymous

Atleast make 5G Standard on these new upcoming SoC.

they should have named the Snapdragon 680 to Snapdragon 666 since 670 is using kryo 3xx and 678/5 has kryo 4xx

That's old stuff with glorify tweaks

OhNom, 27 Oct 2021I think the same, I expected something like an RTX 6090 or ... moreit's a mobile soc not desktop

  • Anonymous

OhNom, 27 Oct 2021I don't think so, the 2xx series doesn't exist an... more690 is already better than half 7xx series.
No problem.

I'm looking forward to Mediatek