Google fixes a bunch of Pixel issues with November update, leaves Pixel 3 and 3 XL behind

01 November 2021
This one seems like a bigger update than usual.

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  • Chris

Anonymous, 29 Dec 2021Pixel 3 phone did not even ask if I wanted to update and no... moreThanks google for latest update. Just got a new phone. Will never buy a Google phone again. I especially loved hearing the voice assistant after I lock it.

  • Anonymous

Pixel 3 phone did not even ask if I wanted to update and now I cannot even use Google Chrome on my Google phone. My apps are gone from the swipe up easy access feature but are still on my phone. I just paid this phone off within the last year or so and already I cannot use it? Back to reliable Samsung.

  • Awais

My pixel 3 is automatically shutdown and start open camera and make emergency calls what can I do 😓

  • Anonymous

I'm done with Google phone's now. My phone has never performed so badly after this last update.

  • Anonymous

The team who worked on this UI should be locked away in a Turkish prison for like 8 months.

  • April

This update to 12 is the worst. I'm going to downgrade to 11 after I back everything up. Just the worst. Google what were you thinking???? I hate this.

  • alex

Melonie Kilby , 02 Dec 2021My son's 4XL is completely ruined after the update ..... moretry a factory reset. I had the same issue with Pixel 2 xl, as I remember way back after android 11 update through wi-fi. I managed to factory-reset it before it tried to reset. since then it works

  • Melonie Kilby

Furious, 26 Nov 2021My phone has become a liability since this update. Where i... moreMy son's 4XL is completely ruined after the update
... it's stuck in a bootloop and refuses to work.

  • Manicsar

Furious, 26 Nov 2021My phone has become a liability since this update. Where i... moreJust updated, nothing works, phone is next to useless. I guess its time to move back to apple...

  • Furious

My phone has become a liability since this update.
Where is GOOGLE?

Almost seems unreal that a company can get away with this.

  • Riley

It absolutely sucks. Can't rearrange my apps. I hate how everything has bubbles around it now. Cant turn mobile data off and on by pulling down the settings menu anymore. Whoever designed it should be fired it's absolutely awful.

  • WillBeNuiPhoneUser

Hate the new update. Whoever thought up the color scheme must be colorblind and I hate I have to get to my calendar by the app. No longer available by default on home screen. I used to like my phone. Now I hate it because of the update. Probably will go over to iPhone.

  • Julie

I agree the new update is too much.. The time feature update wasn't necessary. I don't like that you can't swipe up to see what apps are open. That's just for starters. My phone doesn't flow easily from screen to screen, and app to app.
What was the purpose of the update?

  • Olena

Anonymous 4846, 07 Nov 2021Such a pointless update. I was getting so irritated bc I co... moreOmg! I have the same issue. Nothing comes up anymore. New calculator is a mess. Apps are glitching. .

  • Anon

Disenchanted, 08 Nov 2021What a disappointing update! I never had any problems with ... moreI agree, the latest update has considerably slowed my ability to use the device. This was my second Google phone, and I have raved about it being such a good phone since they hit the market. But this latest update made so many visual changes and changed the swiping feature too. I've lost information trying to operate the phone. I won't be upgrading to another Goofle product.

  • Anonymous

HATE the newest upgrade! 🤬

  • Anonymous

Not a good update... The clock looks terrible. They changed messages to bubble like massager... I hate that, so I disabled it. and now I can't receive messages... This is a really bad update.

  • Annoyed

I hate the new tiles everything is big and round and I hate it. There is much less customisation of the style and colours. It's just all round bad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous 4846, 07 Nov 2021This update is awful. It's less intuitive, bulky, and ... moreEXACTLY Omg I hate the keyboard. So. Much. I'm actually crying I hate this
Can Google fix this? Literally what the hell is this.

  • Al

Brutal upgrade. My pixel 5 is a mess now. Apps are super slow and glitchy.