Google fixes a bunch of Pixel issues with November update, leaves Pixel 3 and 3 XL behind

01 November 2021
This one seems like a bigger update than usual.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous 4846, 07 Nov 2021This update is awful. It's less intuitive, bulky, and ... moreThank you for this comment!!!!!! I don't think I would have ever figured out how to get to my apps again lol

  • Disenchanted

What a disappointing update! I never had any problems with both of my Pixels (3a & 3 XL) until this last update. Both of my phones go on lockdown/curfew at 10:30pm and nothing on the screens will not function until 8am?? I went to Google customer service and they referred me to tech help that charges you $45 a month with a free month trial..I don't need or want that service, I just want my phones to work like they did before. If this is the way that Google is forcing their most loyal users to forcefully upgrade to their newer devices, well than I think that my six year relationship with Google has come to an long!

  • Anonymous 4846

This update is awful. It's less intuitive, bulky, and awkward. Makes me want to go back to an apple phone. None of these new features make sense and it's not aesthetically appealing. I couldn't access my app screen and no Google information was helpful. Thankfully someone in this discussion found we have to swipe up from the middle of the screen. Why??? What's the purpose??? What better function do any of these visual updates have?

Only thing I'm happy about with the update is the emergency and screen recording features.

  • Anonymous 4846

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Okay I figured it out! So if you swipe up more towards the ... moreSuch a pointless update. I was getting so irritated bc I couldn't find my apps and Google was of course useless in providing insight. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

I HATE THIS UPDATE! WTFFFF GOOGLE!?!? The clock is horrible now; awkward size, the date is in white and I can't read it and it shows up twice weirdly in the corner and super small. The swipe down is a big blank block even when there are no new notifications, the icons that used to be there are MASSIVE and clunky, and the text is SCROLLING... you literally can't read it. What dumb person made this so they had a job?? TERRIBLE design, terrible planning, inconsiderate and I'm furious. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it!!! I want to go BACK! Change it fucking now!

  • smithereens

I hate this latest update. I now have an icon on my home screen that I can't get rid of. It places itself on top of anything I have open, and no matter where I slide the icon to, it's in my way. I tried everything I know to delete it, but it won't go away. Any suggestion????

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021I cannot open the part that allows me to see ALL of my apps... moreHey, now you have to scroll up anywhere on the screen and not from the bottom. I liked it the old way

  • Tony

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Okay I figured it out! So if you swipe up more towards the ... moreYes, they've changed something that didn't really need fixed.

  • Djfmac

Sagar, 04 Nov 2021I have 3XL with android 12 updated, issue is sometimes auto... moreAndroid 12 is made my Pixel 3 practically useless apps take forever to open, scrolling through my feeds it's jittery and buggy, My Google search bar is become totally useless It closes the minute I try and use it I'm pissed about this update if I could I go back to the previous OS.. My pixel 3 ran perfectly as good as my friend's brand new phones now it's useless

  • Sagar

I have 3XL with android 12 updated, issue is sometimes auto-restarts the phone when we click photo in camera, brightness is very low, functions slow.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021Same!!!! Please fix. Okay I figured it out! So if you swipe up more towards the middle of the screen you will get your apps. From the very bottom you will get recent items, but when I do it a little higher than the bottom I get all my apps

  • Anonymous

Just updated and it's awful! Why is everything so big? And the keys are even less responsive. I guess that is the touch screen which now sucks.

  • Anonymous

I hate this update, my phone no longer vibrates even on high volume and the large buttons now are horrible.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021I cannot open the part that allows me to see ALL of my apps... moreSame!!!! Please fix.

  • Anonymous

I cannot open the part that allows me to see ALL of my apps instead of just what I have put on the "homepage" of my phone if that makes sense. Normally when I slide up, all my apps would show up. Now it is just showing recent items.

  • MoMa

The new update is awful. My phone is less than a year old and the display (faded peach) makes it look like something out of the ark. I am also unable to change the clock size on the lock screen. Up until now I was happy with my phone. Today, I am very unhappy. Please fix it

im honestly quite pissed with google, i have a google pixel 3 xl and it was so buggy after the android 12 update, lots errors in the system and google isnt going to fix this before they stop updates for the 3?

  • Bounsir

My issues haven't been fixed yet

  • ILoveEeEe

After updated to 12 for my 4a, those theme colours look fade and my emoji from yellow turn brown, all look like monkey now.
Further more, even my exiting photo with yellow objects also turn Green, why ?
Anyone have similar encounter too ?

  • Anonymous

buttnutts, 02 Nov 2021So bought the Pixel 6 Pro for the wife on the basis you get... moreur iphone might getting latest IOS,
but how much feature it removed from your phone ?

IOS update for older iphone not much different than security update