Google fixes a bunch of Pixel issues with November update, leaves Pixel 3 and 3 XL behind

01 November 2021
This one seems like a bigger update than usual.

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  • buttnutts

So bought the Pixel 6 Pro for the wife on the basis you get 5 years of updates. Then to hear you only get 5 years of security - which you know isnt better, but better than before... looking at my pixel 2xl on the side of my desk. But then, when I picked up my Apple SE orginal from 2016 guess what - its updated to the very latest version of IOS. I dont like Apple's IOS, I did have a couple Iphones and still have an upad pro. But why can't understand why the Big G cant do the same. My Pixel 2 XL is still super smooth on 11, it could take a 12 and a 13. This also applies to Sammy - I am going to be buying the S22 Ultra and Tab S8 combo next year. Why - well resale will be easier, I can hand down to the kids and they can still have products that are relative. If Apple can you do, so can they.

Liamthegeezer9, 02 Nov 2021Not true that Pixel 3a is the only 3 getting the November 2... moreWell, because you are quite late, Pixel 3 was released on October 5 and that was its last support, unless they make a surprise.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021As a pixel 3 user, I wish they stopped updating me at 11. I... moreDitto. This is inferior in almost every way. It's not only substantially uglier, it's also less efficient - among other examples, it now takes an extra step to simply turn on/off the WiFi.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021i have a pixel 3 and i got this updateAs a pixel 3 user, I wish they stopped updating me at 11. I could have avoided the process it is to "downgrade" Android.

Did they talk to any real people before releasing the dumpster fire that is 12?

  • Ali089

Monkeygrenades, 02 Nov 2021What about those of us with a Pixel 2? Ever since the pre-r... moreIts always better to rest or downgrade the device should work fine

  • Anonymous

i have a pixel 3 and i got this update

  • Bailey

I find it amazing when the Google pixel has bug issues it every pixel and then its cue that Google has bad quality control. When I say I have pixel and have none of these issues cue everyone in the comments telling me that I am a liar. Yet for nearly 6 months I couldn't make a call on my iPhone without it dropping a call or the mic cutting every few minutes. Go look online that's a problem, but is that being reported nope only Google pixel have problems. How quickly everyone forgets that iOS 12 was the worst update known to man and its taken them to iOS 15 to sort it. But lets keep saying that Pixel is the only phone that have problems.

  • Anonymous

"leaves Pixel 3 and 3 XL behind"

Not really. What you don't know is that a "farewell" bugfix update will be released for both the devices early 2022.

Oh, God, how far Google has fallen.

OnePlus 6 which was released a lot earlier is still supported.

  • AnonD-1024704

Ivo., 02 Nov 2021The quality control in Google gets worse and worse! They ha... moreThey don't have quality control

The quality control in Google gets worse and worse! They have more and more bugs each time!

domraym, 02 Nov 2021Cheers for those who held off buying a pixel until now. The... moreyou dont know screen flickering or something from pixel 6 isnt? it's cheap but even $200 redmi note with amoled screen seems never like this.

  • AnonF-1009694

ignitedean, 02 Nov 2021Continuing to have all sorts of issues with Android 12 on m... moreIsn't Outlook a Microsoft application and not Google's

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021your comment makes no sense , are you ok?It is very relevant considering that even an iPhone from 2015 gets fixes and security patches, but this piXEl from 2018 does not. It is a joke honestly. Android support is a joke

Not true that Pixel 3a is the only 3 getting the November 2021 upgrade. My Pixel 3 updated to Android 12 yesterday morning.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021Newer does mean better if you take security seriously.I'm still running a nearly 4 year old budget phone with Android 8 & 2019 security patch, and I'm yet to run into any security issue with it.

As long as you don't visit malicious sites and install unsafe software with your phone, you're guaranteed to be safe from harm.

  • Anonymous

3aXL received a 32.22mb security update today. Unlocked version nothing was available since updating to Android 12.

Continuing to have all sorts of issues with Android 12 on my Pixel 5 and 4a, not fixed by the November update.

Messages in Outlook simply won't open (uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times), had to switch to the crappy Gmail which doesn't help my workflows.

Frequent UI crashes with the wait or kill pop up. Problems with widget placement etc.

Surprised 12 has been so buggy.

  • Not always

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2021Newer does mean better if you take security seriously.Not necessarily, it's only if you visit shady websites or install unknown apps that your phone may be compromised. Otherwise it's cool, no need to splurge on the latest and greatest if your use case is not the above.

  • Notch

Also the notch on newer ones is uncool. No point spending big money on notch/punch hole flagship devices (cheaper ones would do for now). When manufacturers figure out how to remove them, the existing ones with notches/punch holes will significantly crash in value. For instance I'm using Pixel 2xl and Note 9 and they both have clear unhindered screens. Even Asus 6z looks nice with no punch hole etc.