You can now buy the world's first USB-C iPhone

03 November 2021
Tired of those Lightning cables?

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  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2022Actually lightening connector is more robust than USB-C con... moreEven M-USB is more durable than type-c, its less likely to be accidentally destroyed by being forced in the wrong way but overall less durable than its predecessor.

  • Anonymous

Actually lightening connector is more robust than USB-C connector, being a solid center piece rather a tubular plug-in.

As of this moment the bidding amount is showing over 1,00,000.
If Apple were a sensible organisation free from Greed, then the iPhones would have had USB C since atleast the last 5 years. Now after taking royalty payments for lightining accessories they play drame to shift blame on EU. It's time Ppl think a bit before deciding on ph made and sold by this tin headed fruit company!!

  • Anonymous

Good job Swiss Engineer! Now let's see what Shapple does next year!

sq2013, 03 Nov 2021Obviously a very skilled person but nonsense really. Just d... moreMan if hsi work cost him let say 6 hours of time and manage to sell now 600 eur worth iphone for 200 000 then its not pointless.
It will only shows and prove apple is ridiculous company and can be hacked by many various ways.

Well so.
I guess i buy Iphone 13 pro max swap the 1TB with 2TB get rid of IOS and adds Harmony OS with Mui skin atop adds 3,5 ´mm jack and slot for micro SD swap galss back for RGB panel with flashing letters I AM CUSTOM MADE APPLE and add a price tag of 1 million and i bet i will sell it for 10 maybe 100 millions of EUR just because it will be far more custom than anything else.

Raye, 05 Nov 2021Isn’t this what y’all wanted lmaoUSB-C is a universal port, there's no denying that. After all, even the recent iPads (with the exception of entry-level iPad 10.2) had the Lightning port ditched in favour of the USB-C port. Really, there is no excuse for Apple not to do the same with iPhone.

At the moment I'm writing this comment, the bid has gone past the $100,000 mark. With six days of bidding left, I won't be surprised if the bid hits the $200,000 mark.

  • Carol

Gary Gensler, 04 Nov 2021The price has now surpassed $100,000. I'm like, WTF ??... moreWell, i now know i missed an opportunity to also take advantage of apple fans fanatism, 3000€ would not be worth the effort but over 100.000 for an opened phone with a poorly made type C connector, daaaaan... gotta think of something quick before they wake up.

Isn’t this what y’all wanted lmao

  • Anonymous

Raye, 04 Nov 2021Isn’t this what y’all wanted lmaoYes. But I think fans wanted it straight from Apple so it will only cost them 2000 USD.

Isn’t this what y’all wanted lmao

  • Gary Gensler

Mo, 04 Nov 2021Damm It's up to 85k The price has now surpassed $100,000. I'm like, WTF ????!!!!!

yeah but not usb 3.0 idiots who bidding

  • Mo

Damm It's up to 85k


Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Lmao some rich chap just waste over 50 grand to get this thing.Bruh this phone is from 2017 too, it's the iPhone X

  • Lmfao

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021Put a lid on it‼️Jealous?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2021There'd have 2 b 2 many bloody idiots on eBay 2 bid on... moreNot everyone who spends like this are stupid. Who knows, that amount meant nothing for them.

Current bid, US $80,100.00

chris1998, 03 Nov 2021Well if you live in Europe, lightning won't be am opti... morei live in romania we don't even have apple tv+ lol