You can now buy the world's first USB-C iPhone

03 November 2021
Tired of those Lightning cables?

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  • Anonymous

wlxdev, 03 Nov 2021He should patent his technique and circuitry design so that... moreFunny, aye⁉️... Apple would already have a patent on the USB-C port as such on their own phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021lightning works better, just does. WTF⁉️😣🥴

  • Anonymous

OFX, 04 Nov 2021As we speak, current bid is $15,000 on eBay. Still 7 days b... moreThere'd have 2 b 2 many bloody idiots on eBay 2 bid on such. Who cares of what it goes for⁉️


FD, 04 Nov 2021it's at freaking $50,000 nowHow many times did u bid on it, smartarse⁉️

  • Anonymous

Lmao some rich chap just waste over 50 grand to get this thing.

  • FD

it's at freaking $50,000 now

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021refurbished garbage for 4000 $ 🙂 maybe type c is worth this... moreJust because you can't earn $4000 a year doesn't mean the kid's handmade product is rubbish.

Check lightning cable price and USB Type -C cable on online stores, see the price diffrence and calculate how much money apple earning from their lightning cable ..thats the reasn apple dont want to implement type c in iphones 😂 but EU rule will now give apple taste of own medicine.. apple alway set trend of removing parts from their gadgets and all compny start following scene changed 😂

  • Anonymous

GG048, 03 Nov 2021That's just another business strategy. I wonder how ... moreI got my USB C cable back in the G5's days and it is still working.

As we speak, current bid is $15,000 on eBay. Still 7 days bidding left to go.

almost $4k?

  • Anonymous

sq2013, 03 Nov 2021Obviously a very skilled person but nonsense really. Just d... moreJealous much? 🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

BigDisplay, 03 Nov 2021In my country Denmark high-end Android phones, Samsungs top... moreIt's the same here. In fact, Samsung top model is actually lesser in price than Apple top model here. Samsung top model, Galaxy Fold, is much better and also lesser priced. So yes that is better choice for anyone who wants the best phone

NotAppleFan, 03 Nov 2021Through the years, the worst USB port I found is USB-C. Cur... moreI had sony xperia xzs for 2 and half years, no issue at all with USB type c, but Nowadays I use a different phone

L.O.R.D, 03 Nov 2021Indeed the environmental talk is just a marketing stunt bec... moreIn my country Denmark high-end Android phones, Samsungs topmodel is same price like top model from Apple the first couple of months.
Most people dont pay cash for a phone, so rich or poor, everyone can join the race.

But isent Apple the poor choice?
Apple got major updates much longer vs Android.

  • Anonymous

Buy this at $4k or wait till next year when all iPhones will have a USB C port

bro :)

OFX, 03 Nov 2021I wouldn't buy ANY iPhone in any form or shape or pric... moreYou should use "what's" instead of "that's" to make people understand you better in a sentence like that.

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2021lightning works better, just does. If slower charging and data transfer speeds are better to you, then sure it is.

  • Anonymous

Apple just ordered a killer to kill him.