iFixit: replacing an iPhone 13 screen at a third-party repair shop disables Face ID

05 November 2021
The culprit is a teeny, tiny little chip that appeared on the display's flex cable.

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  • Anonymous

How this is environmental friendly?

  • AnonF-1013367

I wonder what Tr1x and Re1zor think about this.

The lengths they will go to restrict third party repairs. It can be a good thing though, because this way no thief can steal phone's display, if the owner falls asleep in a bus or a train

  • Apple Killer

Apple and it's dirty tactics to make people suffer. Stupid company and their decisions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021why buy apple phones anyway, when theyre not user friendly,... moreSome buy because of iOS.
Most because they think it is fancy like Prada handybag, Rolex watch or Bugatti car.

  • Anonymous

why buy apple phones anyway, when theyre not user friendly, at all.

  • Anonymous

This is why I prefer budget ipad.
Touch ID is way better.

  • Anonymous

And no other biometric unlock except FaceID.

Yet another good reason never to buy an aPple product.....

Apple defenitely did this on purpose

get rekt.

Lmao. Serves you right