WhatsApp rolls out feature to link devices without needing a smartphone to be online

05 November 2021
The feature was being tested on the beta channel for a while, and there is one limitation that comes with the iOS version of WhatsApp.

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  • Sinoxolo
  • f3h
  • 16 Nov 2021

I like WhatsApp

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    • Kuba
    • uN{
    • 08 Nov 2021

    if facebook was smart they would change whatsapp to have functionality of chinese wechat. basically in China wechat is a wallet, communication tool, working tool, social media, and news. no-one in China uses cash anymore, no one!

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      • Anonymous
      • SdF
      • 08 Nov 2021

      Soooo so far behind Telegram which lets you have as many devices as possible it seems
      Synced flawlessly to around 8 devices myself without needing a phone

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        • vIh
        • 07 Nov 2021

        S . SUDHAKAR, 06 Nov 2021This is useless. Only whatsapp web will work without phone ... moreNot a waste move (atleast for me)

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          • User 101
          • DkL
          • 07 Nov 2021

          Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021How to use two whatsapp with one mobile number in same mobileUse dual app settings, it won't be available if you have nokia.

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            • Gwariman
            • r3H
            • 07 Nov 2021

            It's fantastic! It's so good you can receive two separate calls on one account, one to your phone and the next on your computer. (Maybe Whatsapp didn't know its this good)
            Dark side: conference call is still only possible on your phone

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              • Anonymous
              • fCQ
              • 07 Nov 2021

              S . SUDHAKAR, 06 Nov 2021This is useless. Only whatsapp web will work without phone ... moreIt's useless for you but others can use it

                How long will these fools take to add android iOS transfers smh

                  Finally, Idk what took them so long.

                    New guy, 06 Nov 2021They said that this limitation is only on iOS. There was no way to link it on one of my other Android phones cause it wants you to log in with your phone number first.

                      This is useless. Only whatsapp web will work without phone that too for only 14 days.

                      Total waste move.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • rJ@
                        • 06 Nov 2021

                        How to use two whatsapp with one mobile number in same mobile

                          they finally address one of the biggest weaknesses to this horrible app yet it's still janky. Like another person said, it uses up significantly more resources now, especially cpu usage ramps up whenever you use it

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                            • Aftermarket
                            • NuP
                            • 06 Nov 2021

                            YR-SS, 06 Nov 2021Don't care. Long live Signal, long live Telegram.😂😂😂

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                              • Ekah
                              • H5P
                              • 06 Nov 2021

                              It’s would be great

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                                • LostEchoes
                                • 3A1
                                • 06 Nov 2021

                                This has been on Viber and other chat apps for years... !

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                                  • YR-SS
                                  • nxB
                                  • 06 Nov 2021

                                  Don't care.
                                  Long live Signal, long live Telegram.

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                                    • thisisutkarsh
                                    • XUv
                                    • 06 Nov 2021

                                    After opting for multi device beta, whatsapp uses a lot of resources on pc. I used it for more than a week and the results weren't good. Whatsapp was always using the disk to read and write and stuffs, not at 2-3 MBPS but at 17-20 MBPS. Also the cpu uses was in 20-30% bracket. Ram uses was also close to 700-800 MB.

                                    Without multi device beta whatsapp resource utilisation-
                                    Disk usage ~1MBPS
                                    CPU usage - ~1%
                                    Ram usage ~ 300MB(max)

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • XZ2
                                      • 06 Nov 2021

                                      I'm afraid that whatsapp even listens to what I say over call and message.
                                      My Facebook ads are so relevant to what we had talked about.

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                                        • Wiszipro
                                        • Nue
                                        • 06 Nov 2021

                                        Nice one from WhatsApp, it a much needed feature for people that are always on their computers.