Google says Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner is slow due to increased security

08 November 2021
Google's enhanced security algorithms are what's causing slowdowns.

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  • Confusio

TruthBeTold, 08 Nov 2021Pathetic. And I'm not surprised. Instead of utilizing ... moreThe optical under display sensor on my OnePlus 7 Pro is very snappy and accurate. I feel no difference from the one on my iPhone 8 and Galaxy S21 Ultra.

  • Does.

Stondec100, 08 Nov 2021Not surprised by the issues, typical of Google phones. Plag... moreEvery company has it's problems, theres not as many "Sheep" out there for pixel devices as there are apple and Samsung so let's not take it there especially with the problems that persist with those devices and the sheep come to there defenses also, stop being a keyboard warrior and find something truly to either complain about or go do something positive and makes you happy at the same time. Good day to you.

  • Anonymous

DMX, 08 Nov 2021Google assembling cheap parts to charge as if they were of ... moreGoogle us always a cheapo shit

Correction: "slow down is due to enhanced data collection algorithms"

  • anyways

It's not a bug, it's a feature!

Google assembling cheap parts to charge as if they were of good quality, the experiment failed them, so much. Mega hype with this pixel 6 seeiw to end up being the biggest failure of 2021

It has to make sure the fingerprints are sent right away to google servers after all.

TheWanderer, 08 Nov 2021suspicious.sus

  • Anonymous

AnonF-1013367, 08 Nov 2021Ultrasonic is faster and more secure then pixels optical FP... morePixel is a pathetic half assed attempt by Google anyways

They are advertising agency first and software second and everything deadlast.

Pathetic. And I'm not surprised. Instead of utilizing the perfect technology of back or side readers they chose this gimmicky crap and failed. The vanilla android is pretty horrid too btw, not sure what all the fuss is about. Had to install Nova launcher first time in 5 years. They also charged me 8% restocking fee to return that glitchy pos. Unheard of in the US. FU, you'll never see my money again.

  • Anonymous

I wonder why they didn't say : " you are scanning your fingerprint wrong". It worked well with Apple.

Not surprised by the issues, typical of Google phones. Plagued by a plethora of issues, yet the ever loyal sheep keep casting it as the best thing since sliced bread.

  • Jason Melling

Security from what ?

  • Anonymous

db102000, 08 Nov 2021battery not charging at its appropiate speed, random calls,... moreAnd that's what I call fall (dropping down ) in fall (Autumn).

  • OkGooglefu

Sure google.

I call bullshit. This thing doesn’t work half of the time. I have the enter the pin everytime. No face unlock either. I feel as if i am back to 2011 when i had to enter pin. Hate this shit.

  • CR45H 0V3RR1D3

"enhanced security algorithms", LMMFAO, it's a 2D scanner. Basically no different than a xerox machine. They suck, they've always sucked and they will continue to suck. If they had to go with an FOD, they should've gone with ultrasonic. Also, I'd be curious to know what generation scanner they are using.

Heavy security my ASS!!!

  • AnonF-1013367

Ultrasonic is faster and more secure then pixels optical FP scanner.

Sensor needs recalibration. Google gives tools for that if screen is replaced