Google says Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner is slow due to increased security

08 November 2021
Google's enhanced security algorithms are what's causing slowdowns.

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  • Anonymous

FatShady, 08 Nov 2021thats one excuse, the 2nd is, its not meant for games, just... moreWhat are the TWO X1 cores for then? To look pretty? wow

  • Anonymous

It isnt a bug. Its a featute

  • Anonymous

Ah, Pixel phones. The flagship -gate phones every year without the -gate moniker.

If there isn't any hardware problems, then it isn't an Pixel

  • Anonymous

"The Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor may take longer to scan because of a poor internet connection quality.*"

*The Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor does not require an internet connection to verify your fingerprint.

Jason Melling, 08 Nov 2021Security from what ?from yourself, google steals your stuff, door open

Of course, claim that a device issue is a feature. ;-)

Funny joke Google, April Fools Day is around five months away.


Phone design looks great but fingerprint and charging speed too slow tbh. Very disappointed with Google.

  • Anonymous

Load of rubbish. Other scanners are very secure and don't have these problems. Google are covering themselves from yet another substandard feature. Their phones are plagued with them.

  • Mister Dobalina

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021What crap is this. S21 Ultra uses ultrasonic which is the m... moreYou do realize that zenos processor in the Samsung phones is Ashley a step behind the tensor that is in the new Google pixels. If you did any research whatsoever, you would know that the part numbers are almost exactly the same. Inside the chip Samsung makes the chip that runs the pixel. It's an enhanced version of what's in the s21. How do you figure that Qualcomm has anything to do with this?

stupid unforgivable justification

kek, 08 Nov 2021It's the other way actually. They suck at software des... moreOh I thought they were strong at software hehe.

I'm so happy I didn't preorder their trash phones!

It's not a big deal on my 6 Pro. Simply register one finger print multiple times and it works just fine. I'm not sure what the fuss is all about.

Or, you know, they could've put a gigantic ultrasonic FPS like the one on iQOO 8 Pro or Aquos R6, if they *really* cared that much about more trustworthy user authentication.

The entire point of optical FPSs is that they can be cheap yet reliable while also providing users with a reasonably high level of security. If you're intentionally making it slow just for the sake of making it even more secure (Though I highly doubt if Google's claim is true in the first place) then you're simply implementing it wrong.

  • Anonymous

Pixel phones have always had quality control issues. And now this...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2021What crap is this. S21 Ultra uses ultrasonic which is the m... moreGoogle cheapening out on processor two years in a row

  • steve jobs

You're holding it wrong

  • Anonymous

What crap is this. S21 Ultra uses ultrasonic which is the most secure than any optical. If they wanted maximum security they should have used qualcomm tech like what samsung did. This is an excuse.

Cartooncheese, 08 Nov 2021susamoogus