YouTube will start hiding dislike counts on all videos across the platform

11 November 2021
Creators will still be able to see the number of dislikes on videos.

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Go woke, go broke.

Big Tech keeps giving new reasons to abandon their platforms.

Holy poop! Making the site blander and blander till it has no identity whatsoever! What an absolute travesty.

  • Goodefellow

To bypass it just put a thumbs up or thumbs down in the comment section.

  • AlienKiss

But regular people actually use the no of dislikes or likes to asses the quality of the video before watching it. For example, watching a tutorial or a pc fix the is not just another click bait video without any solution to the problem. Or fake videos like smartphone camera tests between phones that are not even released yet.
Either they should let it visible, either hide the numbers or likes also.

This does not sound right dear YT.

They want to hide the publics dislike of Biden. All his vids get ratioed

Youtube has been garbage for years. Ever since Google acquired it, it has been going downhill. Absolutely disgusting change.

Very bad move. They should also hide the "Likes"

  • Anonymous

TruthBeTold, 11 Nov 2021This is beyond disgusting. What's next? They'll ... moreThis

100% agree to it

  • AnonF-1013367

Hopefully someonemakes an extension for dislikes, google might remove the API so it will be hard to make.

This is beyond disgusting. What's next? They'll automatically hide comments that some AI algorithm deemed negative? Where does this end? Btw, any creator worth a damn doesn't mind the dislikes and sees them as a way to improve their content. And those who don't already had a way of disabling dislikes as well as comments.

This is just another attempt of the alt left to remake the world in the way that fits their agenda. This is also why monopolies are bad. I really hope this will piss people off enough to give another platform a chance. I'm so sick of tech companies destroying user experience for the sake of manipulating and hiding the truth.

Btw, if they care about the small creators so much then why did they remove monitization and increased the thresholds for smaller channels? Evil, evil hypocrites with more power than anyone should have.

Dislikes are depressing people I

  • ja

just more Big Tech social engineering, hiding the "dislike" count actively discourages people from using it. who here thinks YouTube will actively tell users (
"we've hidden 'dislike' counts, but pressing the 'dislike' button will still help us tune our algorithm"

of course they'll never do that. most users will simply assume "disliking" a video is a futile gesture, and give up...and YouTube will push whatever crap it likes with artificially positive metrics.

if you want to hide dislike counts than don't show like counts too

What's the point of having a dislike button if it's practically useless, just remove it then, you can judge quality of the video based on likes relative to views.

Same goes for comments, what even is the job of that button, to give you the feeling of "hey I am doing something"?

No surprise how edge-Lord's would react. Anything to reduce the unnecessary hate and division on the internet is good in my books.

snowflake youtube

  • Duderinoat

We call this censorship

Democracy is falling apart, right in front of our eyes

  • Anonymous

kokoshishiaua, 11 Nov 2021One big dislike YouTube for this. They are disabling past e... moreNot quite. They say it's because of abuse and brigading. White House videos are full of dislikes.

Funny how they never said anything about this issue from 2016-November 2020.