Flashback: the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium was the first ever smartphone with a 4K display

14 November 2021
However, Sony was maximizing the wrong thing - high refresh rate, not high resolution was the way forward for flagships.

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joe nodden, 15 Nov 2021Crazy how a company that strives to be the best at anything... more1000000000%
This right here.

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021Does not matter how much you try to tweak screen using RGB ... moreLab tests say otherwise.
And you don't have to tweak it. There's just a simple option to select. Nice try though.

Sony posts will fill with more comments 😄

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021+ 1000% - Burj Khalifa was constructed by Sony C&T wh... more"Sony Galaxy S4"
I see what you did there :)

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021+ 1000% - Burj Khalifa was constructed by Sony C&T wh... moreBrag about having more than 100% sRGB? LOL ...
Xperia and Bravia have worked at Rec2020 for years.
RGB colour gamut is 2010 thing.

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021+ 1000% - Burj Khalifa was constructed by Sony C&T wh... moreS4 has plastic back of lower quality compared to even galaxy Pocket. Many s3 and s4 peeling off the paint of frame.
Not even counting midrange CPU, when other had SD800.

Samsung sells well because they know how important is ADVERTISEMENT.
Sport channels here easily show ad of S21 series every 20 min.
Not even counting ads of TVs and appliences.

I have never seen any ad of sony on tv besides playstation in my whole life.
How do you expect people to buy if they do not know product exists?

Crazy how a company that strives to be the best at anything can be so mediocre.

2160p was a cool idea, but unecessary at the time. On those old small 16:9 screens you could just as well as use 720p, however i would love to see 2160p res on the new screens of 6.5-6.9 inches. Would be quite the view i imagine

vrvly, 14 Nov 2021From my experience, hi resolution is great, even more if it... moreThe question is will Sony actually make foldable phones, because I didn't hear anything about this?

The Flip, 14 Nov 2021Sony just hasn't made a compelling Xperia that I'... moreI have a feeling LG will eventually come back one day. HTC is still making some mid-range phones. I hope they will make some flagships as well.

Lol a 4K or any high res display panel on a mobile phone could not be more useless.

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4K isn't bad. But 2k and full hd plus are the best.

  • frocito

had it on all 3 colors.. SONY golden days

Sony just hasn't made a compelling Xperia that I'm interested in in 4 years.

All Sony Xperia Phones Evolution 2012-2021

I find their designs from 2013-2014 to be better than by 2016-2017 when they started looking like my Xiaomi Mi 3.

Even if I bought say an Xperia Play, ZR, or XZ1 Compact, I would have no use for them. They're just way too old or bring nothing new except being small. I'm actually surprised Sony has lasted this long while HTC and LG are gone.

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Idk about all 4k displays but Sony's 4k do look great. Maybe the calibration or the display quality but they do look amazing

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Anonymous, 14 Nov 2021Samsung is so great. - Sony sold their first oled tv in... more+ 1000%
- Burj Khalifa was constructed by Sony C&T which also did work on the Petronas Twin Towers and Taipei 101.
- Sony Galaxy S4 was the most selling android smartphone around the world. had around 80 million total sales across the globe .
- Sony QLED TV 1st of TV to had the quality of showing 100 percent volume of color .
- Sony's Heavy Industries builds ships in a 4 million square foot shipyard

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i0S.- Never.- Again, 14 Nov 2021It is indeed a waste to watch 4k on tiny screen. Just like... moreOn the XZ Premium there was a very notable difference in displaying at 2160p compared to 1440p (especially to 1080p), in both image and video clarity. So no it is not a waste. Just because you can't notice a difference doesn't mean others can't. Even with the 1 III I own now, I appreciate having 1644p. Although it isn't as notable compared to 1440p.

Sony excels at nothing in phones but still has the audacity to sell their phones higher than Samsung's. No wonder Sony has remained niche. Their last memorable phone was the Xperia XZ1 Compact from 4 years ago.

The only Sony phones that drew my interest...
Xperia X1 (2008)
Xperia Play (2011)
Xperia ZR (2013)
Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact (2014)
Xperia XZ1 Compact (2017)

Since then, all their phones are just these tall, narrow phones that excels really at nothing and Sony still sells them for much than what they're really worth.

I'll stick to Samsung. At least I'll only pay them $70 to get my battery replaced. Used to be $50 in the S7 days but I don't mind paying $70 in 2 to 3 years. Good luck with Sony since they're so rare and repair shops will have a harder time.

I bet most people saying 4k screen is useless are the same people who bash every phone doesn't record 8k

From my experience, hi resolution is great, even more if it's from camera.
Wrong move was though not to bring ultra sized flagship or mid range with such resolution. Not to mention 4K in tablets would be 100x more welcome and they shut their tablet release anyway.
Maybe it will get possible with foldables, like 3 way folded 4K phone-tablet. Such would be great, also to take multiple angles while shooting.