Apple announces Self Service Repair with customer access to parts, tools, and manuals

18 November 2021
Apple suddenly got so much easier to get original parts to repair your iPhone.

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  • Shan

Well well how the turntables

That, certainly, is unexpected, but welcomed

On the other hand they are asking Customers to ruin their Phone with their own hands by already selling the Parts and Tools to them and again they will have to reach out to the Service Centres with more repair cost...

Nice, wait till we see the pricing.

Someone is getting fired...

Anonymous , 18 Nov 2021the question is , how much will it costs?probably more than the item itself XD

  • Anonymous

Is this April 1? this is very strange


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Knowing Apple, whats the catch???Probably costs a lot more than after market parts

  • Anonymous

Knowing Apple, whats the catch???

Yes, Right to Repair movement is win.
Tech company is not a boss.

wow unexpected move from Apple, was thinking is this new kind of April fools from Apple too early....

  • Anonymous

the question is , how much will it costs?

  • kek

While this is good, I wouldnt be surprised if they ask you to have "Apple Care" in order to pay for a part or some kind of trap like that.

This is so unusual that we might as well ask ourselves what's Apple winning from this.