Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's notched display confirmed

18 November 2021
At least it has two cameras inside the notch.

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  • jens

joe nodden, 18 Nov 2021I've never understood the point of the notch. Wouldn&#... morethe angle could be quite awkward in a corner, its easy on phones coz its small.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021If the notch is so small, why not just increase the bezels ... moreThe geek segment of Samsung moved elsewhere a long time ago. Aside from the consumers who do not care, the other portion left are the sellouts who will follow and defend Samsung with whatever 180 degree moves they do.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 19 Nov 2021Not "waterproof". "Water-resistant", a... morePeople must've missed how makers stopped putting up underwater smartphone photo/video shooting ads a long time ago. Last one from LG was the bathtub dunking and latest from Samsung was cgi-like immersion of the Xcover Pro 2020 (with removable battery lmao).

If this is true, sammy will become the biggest incompetence + *** licker company in the world. They made fun apple notch for years, if you're still remember the pony guy/family ads. Last time they made fun Apple for removing the charger brick, then look at Sammy now, they followed the trend too.

  • Anonymous

I think a pill shaped punchhole would've looked better

constipation, 18 Nov 2021Their Tab Active lineup is the only one that waterproofed t... moreNot "waterproof".
"Water-resistant", and the difference is HUGE, no IP rated device EVER was made to be put underwater, those are worst-case scenario last defense line.

That's why no scuba gear is IP rated, because it is useless.
A random example, the Garmin Mk2i isn't.
Stuff will be ATM rated in such case, or even better, "dive" certified based on the EN13319:2000 norm.

IP67/68 rating on smartphones is just a darn scam, like using 2Mp sensors as an excuse to claim to have 4 cameras for people who don't understand that they are useless.

Aldwin123, 18 Nov 2021Of course Software will take care of it. Black bar will hid... moreTalks about a waste of display...

YUKI93, 18 Nov 2021What is the matter with a pop-up camera? On a smartphone wi... moreA pop-up can still be made IP68 compliant though.

nickname optional, 18 Nov 2021I would prefer an "infinity O" whole, like the cu... moreNone, tablets don't need those shits.
They are totally fine with the front cam in the bezel, there is no point in trying to make ridiculously thin bezels on a tablet.
A pop-up or an external camera make much more senses.
This ONLY exist because Apple MAY release one, as usual, Apple creating an awful trend and Samsung spreading it.

I would prefer an "infinity O" whole, like the current Samsung phones have. Even if it's oval in form to put more sensors in. This notch doesn't look good. Especially when you hold the tablet vertical.

AnonD-1026261, 18 Nov 2021Link isn't working So still two models

  • Anonymous

Taking selfies with 14.6" tablet will be the new Summer
Olympic Games discipline !

Sometimes less camera is better.

I've never understood the point of the notch. Wouldn't it be way more practical to round off one of the corners of a phone or tablet more and put a camera in there?

A pop-up front-facing camera would have saved that gorgeous screen; it's a true pity it got ruined by that notch.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Samsung is truly a pathetic, soulless company. Everything a... moreI like Samsung for all their innovations but this, this notch. It is just unacceptable

I will never buy the Tab S8 because of the stupid notch, then!

  • Anonymous

why Samsung, why.

Respect down 👎

  • Anonymous

If the notch is so small, why not just increase the bezels to remove it? Samsung is going to have a rough 2022, what with removing headphone jack from A series and this. Everything we liked about Samsung is being taken away. What is the selling point of Samsung devices now, precisely?

Anonymous, 18 Nov 2021Samsung is truly a pathetic, soulless company. Everything a... moreDeveloping a device, especially of this kind and being mass-produced, it takes quite some time you know, much more than the weeks between Mac's unveiling and beginning of these leaks, so your point simply doesn't hold. Yet it is true that this thingy is simply ugly on both the Mac and this tablet.