Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra's notched display confirmed

18 November 2021
At least it has two cameras inside the notch.

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Horrible.. Would have preferred an inverted notch, like on the Yoga 7 Series. Carving the screen of a large-displayed device like a tablet or PC is just crazy and unnecessary.

  • Anonymous

This is a dealbreaker for me.

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Samsung is truly a pathetic, soulless company. Everything apple does, they copy it down to a T, like good little lap dogs. What to expect really from a company that comes from a country that has a foreign occupation from the other one. Only one thing. Subjugation.

  • hmm

Why cant they just make a flip camera like Zenfone's have on Asus phones. Tablets are big enough to make them have it. Also losing the 3.5mm makes no sense on so large devices.
Even that punch hole in a corner would make more sense on tablets if they need to thin down the bezels so much that they have no space to have that selfie camera.

I prefer either flip or no selfie camera as i never use it. Well it's probably used to spy on me in secret and thats the main reason we need to have this selfie camera

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I'd like to commit suicide after seeing all these notched devices. What else would you put notch on? Even TV?

What is the matter with a pop-up camera? On a smartphone with an IP68 water/dust resistance, a motorized pop-up camera is a no-no. But on a tablet where you most use it at home or somewhere with a table and a keyboard attached, it makes perfect sense. Even I wouldn't bring a tablet underwater, and I'm the kind of person who loves to swim in pools and do underwater photography or videography. Anyone who works in a rugged and tough environment wouldn't even care about having a notably thick bezel like the Galaxy Tab Active Pro.

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Scram, 18 Nov 2021Get up to date. There is a Tab S8+ with 12.4 inch 120 Hz... moreLink isn't working
So still two models

AnonD-1026261, 18 Nov 2021There isn't S8+ homieGet up to date.

There is a Tab S8+ with 12.4 inch 120 Hz refresh rate OLED.

We've known about the new lineup of 3 devices, and the S8 Ultra having a bezel since May, months before the notched MacBook Pros. Check this Gsmarena article and the leaked spec sheet -

The S8 Ultra clearly had a notch, while the S8 and S8+ had regular bezels. Most people will get the S8 and S8+, as the S8 Ultra is clearly a very niche device. I want the larger screen, but if it has a notch and no 16GB/18GB to match or beat my 16GB 12.9" iPad Pro; I'll get the S8+ instead or keep my 12 GB S7+ for one more year.

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GSM Arena, Ice Universe saying something isn't confirmation that it will happen, this article editorially inaccurate.

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Someone in design team of Samsung really loves their iPhone lol

Jokes aside, looks like a monster tablet. Shame about the notch though. Just shows poor engineering. Cheap way of making headlines and catching extra sales.

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constipation, 18 Nov 2021Their Tab Active lineup is the only one that waterproofed t... moreIt's better than apple everyday

  • AnonD-1026261

Scram, 18 Nov 2021I may get the S8+ instead. Especially if the Ultra has no 1... moreThere isn't S8+ homie

I may get the S8+ instead. Especially if the Ultra has no 16/18GB variant.

The last time a Samsung device had a notch, it lasted one generation only (that was the OG Fold).

I postulate they're doing this for two conflicting reasons. It is a very large tablet at 14 inches. It would be unwieldy without very thin bezels. They also need a response to the iPad Pro's exceptional front camera with FaceTime Center Stage.

The only compromises are a notch or a pill cutout. Neither is ideal on a tablet; with the latter being objectively worse. Under display cameras aren't ready for primetime on their devices until the S10 generation.

I think the Ultra line will be used as a barometer. If it experiences low patronage, Samsung will subtly switch back to regular bezels or upgrade one generation early to Under Display Cameras.

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Dead on arrival. Why would they put a notch on a tablet. Ipad pro is the way to go

Boooo! No, no!

LG Superfan, 18 Nov 2021It's can be hidden when using in landscape mode but wi... moreMy guess that if this is true, they might hide it by adding black space on at least both sides (ofc it is, why would you wanted an asymmetric tablet lol), or even all sides.

FarFan, 18 Nov 2021Samsung: we are like Apple but waterproof! >_Their Tab Active lineup is the only one that waterproofed tho. Mainstream lineup like S series doesn't have it at all.,3,4,5,6

AlwaysLate, 18 Nov 2021The bezels better be the thinnest ones in the universe i'd rather have a chunk bezel on tablet rather than bezelless one. When we hold phones, our hand only land on its sides, while tablet isn't. As thin as newest iPad and its clones are my limit, thinner than that i could imagine the accidental touches.

"can't wait for next samsung tv with notch screen" said no one ever

A phone and notebook with a notch is okay since you mainly use it in one orientation (we're already getting used to landscape phone with occupied status bar space and who use notebook in portait mode?).

However imo a bezelless tablet with a notch is just a failure recipe. This bezels disbenefit the tablet's ergonomics and we're using tablet portrait-landscape equally frequent. Hiding notch on a tablet would give black space for at least 2 sides. Not even Apple would approve this.